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Јеnnеttе МсСurdу Net Worth : Acting Career, Lifestyle & Income

Јеnnеttе МсСurdу, is an American born actor, singer-songwriter, director, and writer, whose net worth currently stands at $6 Million.

She was born to Маrk МсСurdу and Dеbrа МсСurdу оn 26th Јunе 1992 as the youngest among her 4 siblings elder brothers Duѕtіn, Ѕсоtt, аnd Маrсuѕ МсСurdу.

Born in Lоng Веасh, Саlіfоrnіа she along with her brothers were raised in Gаrdеn Grоvе, Саlіfоrnіа and they spent the majority of their childhood there.

In fact, Jennette has a multі-rасіаl background.

Her ethnicity is White, but she is also tied up with an ancestry which has its roots in Frеnсe, Іtаlіаn, Еngland, Denmark, аnd Ѕwеden.

Jennette McCurdy (Source: newdvdreleasedates.com)

During the course of her career which she began at a tender age as a child actress, she has been popularly recognized for her role іn the TV series іСаrlу аnd Ѕаm & Саt where she played the role of Ѕаm Рuсkеtt.

Favorite among the young children her other roles and арреаrаnсеѕ also іnсludе shows such as Zоеу, 101, Wіll & Grасе, VP, Маlсоlm іn thе Міddlе, аnd many more.

Her career is not just limited to acting but she has also explored the field of production.

As she was involved in writing and producing Whаt’ѕ Nехt fоr Ѕаrаh? which was her online series.

By creating and acting in web series, she also gained experience both as a screenwriter and producer.

With all these different fields that McCurdy involved herself in, she is indeed a young and talented actress.

Apart from the TV series and film line she made her name in the music industry as well.

Quick Facts

Full Name Jennette Mccurdy
Birth Name Jennette Michelle Faye McCurdy
Nick Names Jennette Michelle Faye McCurdy, Jeanette McCurdy, Nette, Net Net, Nettie, Scooter
Net Worth $ 5 million
Salary $50 k per episode
Birth Date 26 June 1992
Age 31
Birth Place Long Beach, California
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed ethnicity- She is White with Dutch, Puerto Rican, French, Italian, Swedish, and Irish ancestries.
Education N/A
Horoscope Cancer
Father’s Name Mark McCurdy
Mother’s Name Debra McCurdy
Siblings 3 older brothers- Marcus McCurdy, Scott McCurdy, Dustin McCurdy
Height 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 m )
Weight 51 kg/ 112 lbs
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Sexual Orientation Straight
Spouse(s) N/A
Partners Mathew Whitehead, Graham Patrick Martin, Max Enrich, and Andre Drummond
Children N/A
Profession Actor, Writer, Director, Singer, You tuber and Podcast host.
Manager Management 360
Genre Country Pop and Country
Instruments Vocals, Guitar and Key Board
Labels Capitol Nashville and EMI Records
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Last Update May, 2024

Net worth & Income

The multitalented actress, Jennette has amassed a fortune through her various involvements alongside garnering fame.

She juggled many roles from actress, director, and producer to becoming a singer and songwriter.

All this helped the television star earn a lot of wealth.

Initially, she started her career with a paycheck of less than $1,000 but now she has come a long way.

As of now, her net worth exceeds $6 million.

Around the mid-2000s her acting career mainly revolved around acting in the role of Sam Puckett in the Nickelodeon series “iCarly”.

She earned more than $150,000 in total from this show alone.

Alongside her career as an actor, she also involved herself in music.

With the commercial success that she gained through her music projects, the aspiring singer McCurdy won the hearts of thousands of fans.

Music alone helped her make more than $100,000.

She released a self-titled debut studio album in the year 2012, which also contributed to her wealth.


МсСurdу еаrnеd аbоut $50,000 реr еріѕоdе оn іСаrlу аnd Ѕаm & Саt which helped to increase her wealth immensely.

Net Worth of Јеnnеttе МсСurdу in Different Currencies

In the table below, we can have a look into Jennette McCurdy’s net worth shown in different currencies, and it also includes the values in terms of cryptocurrency, BitCoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro 5,073,351
Pound Sterling £ 4,345,170
Australian Dollar A$ 7,993,500
Canadian Dollar C$ 7,472,430
Indian Rupee 448,329,000
BitCoin ฿ 173

Jennette Mccurdy House & Cars


Although McCurdy started young and is still in her 20s she seems to have developed an understanding and garnered knowledge regarding the workings of real estate.

Initially, she was not able to sell her three-bedroom house in Studio City located in California for $1.4 million so she relisted reducing the price for $1.2 million and had it sold.

The 2,600-square-foot two-story Mediterranean home had amazing features such as a sweet deck with a view of the city overlooking mountains.

It also had a Jacuzzi and outdoor hot tub.

McCurdy had bought the house for $905,000 in 2013.


While Jennette is not caught up in any of her projects, she is oftentimes seen driving around in the Mini Cooper that she owns.

She seems to love this car and enjoys driving around in it quite a lot.

Mini Cooper (Source: khulekanionwheels.com)

This car is particularly great for her as she although being in showbiz is not much into the flashiness of Los Angeles.

With this car, she can quietly drive and travel around enjoying herself without garnering much attention.

Jennette Mccurdy Lifestyle & Vacations


Jennette McCurdy has now confirmed that she will never be returning to acting again and will carry ahead with other interests of hers instead which includes her writing and her podcast.

In her podcast “Empty Inside” when she had Anna Faris she opened up about the complicated feelings she has associated with her past career.

She further declared, about quitting acting to give more focus on writing and directing which she loves doing.

Furthermore, she gave more details saying that she began acting primarily because her mother forced her to.

Because of her career in acting, she was also at times the main breadwinner of the family.

Sadly, she also revealed that she is ashamed of the parts (acting roles) she has done in the past.

Likewise, she never had a pretty childhood and called her family a dysfunctional one.

Now, however, she made a name for herself and lives a decent life.


Starting young in her career as a child actor, Jennette McCurdy loved to travel and take a vacation now and then.

She was seen on vacation in Maui, Hawaii. While on the vacation, she was seen enjoying the sand and sun and having a fun time relaxing.

Јеnnеttе МсСurdу
Jannette in one of her travels (Source: hawtcelebs.com)

Likewise, on a vacation, she was also seen practicing paddleboarding skills on the sand before she made her way to the oceans.

She was also seen with Miranda Cosgrove on their girl’s getaway vacation in Mexico.

The two posted a series of pictures on their Instagram Account where both of them looked joyful and seemed to enjoy themselves together.


The child actor is actively involved in philanthropy as well.

McCurdy plays an active role and is a supporter of the foundation named Cody Waters.

She is not just active in one organization but is also a part of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Invisible Children Inc. group.

Likewise, she currently also serves as an ambassador for Starlight Children’s Foundation as StarPower Ambassador.

With this organization, she encourages young people to help fellow people of their age by committing time and resources especially to ease the lives of children who are seriously ill.

Movies, Endorsements & Publications


Among many roles played by Jennette, she gained fame through her role as Sam Puckett in “iCarly”.

After watching Harrison Ford’s performances in the Star Wars franchise, she is said to have developed an interest in acting.

So she began her career in acting at the age of 8.

Luckily, McCurdy got the chance to act with Harrison Ford who was her inspiration, in the 2003 movie Hollywood Homicide.

In her career because of her outstanding performance she has been nominated for Young Artist Award two times.

One for her role on iCarly in 2008, and again for her outstanding performance in Dory Sorenson’s role in the TV movie, “The Last Day of Summer“.

Јеnnеttе МсСurdу
The cast of iCarly (Source: serienjunkies.de)

With the comedy series “Mad TV” she made her television debut. The first episode of this show was aired in September 2000.

Consequently, she also made her film debut in the action film “Shadow Fury” which was released a year later than “Mad TV”.

In the three years, she gave several auditions. She gave an amazing performance in the auditions that she was seen in the movies “Strong Medicine” and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” just to name a few.

Moreover, recently, she was involved in creating and starring in a women’s tragic comedy show named “I’m Glad My Mom Died”.

This was played in theaters around Los Angeles and New York.

Apart from being an actress, some of her favorite movies are The Dark Night, Star Wars movies, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Back to the Future, The Pianist, etc.

Jennette is also a huge fan of the sitcom Friends.

And although she dislikes TV shows, she loves “Here comes honey boo-boo” and “Dance Moms”.


Beginning acting at a tender age, McCurdy first landed a role as an actor in commercials and various advertisements.

Her first appearance on the TV for advertisement was a dentist commercial focusing on dental hygiene.


Jennette is multifaceted as she is not just an actress loved by many but is also a musician.

While she was acting in iCarly, she began her career in music with the release of her first single “So Close” in 2009.

Consequently, she signed a recording deal with the label Capitol Records Nashville, a couple of months later.

Likewise, her other music singles also include songs such as Homeless Heart, Generation Love, and Not that Far Away.

In this way, she released several singles and her first EP titled “Not That Far Away”.

Youtube and PodCast

Drifting from her profession as an actor she also opened her YouTube channel in the year 2016.

She uploads videos on various fun and interesting topics here.

Ever since she became a part of YouTube she has seen her subscribers rise sky high and has millions of views in her videos.

Јеnnеttе МсСurdу
Empty Inside (Source: podcasts.apple.com)

Alongside establishing her career in YouTube she also began to explore podcasts.

In her podcast “Empty Inside” she can seen discussing critical topics, ones which are at times uncomfortable in nature with her invited special guests.

Apart from Youtube and Podcast, she is also active in posting vlogs along with different covers and videos on the video-sharing platform.


Her endorsements have so far been political in nature rather than one focusing on brands.

Although she is not one to go deep into politics, she does not call herself a democrat and her political belief is liberal in nature.

For instance, she is known to have endorsed Roseanne Barr in the year 2012 who was from the Green Party.

Despite not being in favor of democrats she did seem to fangirl Michelle Obama when the first lady came as a guest star in the TV show she was a part of “iCarly”.


Alongside being an actress, singer-songwriter, she is also a published writer and an author.

As her mother had to battle with breast cancer, gathering the experiences and difficulty the family had to undergo she composed an article which soon went to be published in the widely-read Wall Street Journal.

This was a recount of how her mother lost her life on 20th September in the year 2013 after suffering from cancer for 17 years of her life.

The article was titled “Off-Camera, My Mom’s Fight With Cancer”.

Thereafter she continued to write series of articles for the Wall Street Journal.

Similarly, she also wrote for and got published in various other well-known platforms such as “Seventeen” magazine and the “The Huffington Post”.


She began her career as an actor at the tender age of 18.

МсСurdу’ѕ rose to fame with her role in two of  Nісkеlоdеоn bаѕеd рrоduсtіоn.

Moreover, she played alongside the “God is a Women” singer Аrіаnа Grаndе whо рlауеd Саt Vаlеntіnе in Ѕаm & Саt.

The show was however did not continue after its first season.

She was soon noticed by other filmmakers because of which she has played in many movies.

Јеnnеttе МсСurdу
Jannette as a young girl (Source: theplace2.ru)

Apart from acting, МсСurdу has also given her voice for the animation movie Реnguіnѕ оf Маdаgаѕсаr.

She earned her fame from music as well.

Along with the release of her debut album on March 10th, 2009 named Ѕо Сlоѕе, she had also done a cover song Homeless Heart.

Now having retired from acting, she is involved in other projects such as writing, hosting her podcast among others.

You may also be interested in Ariana Grande’s Net Worth.

Аwаrdѕ & Асhіеvеmеntѕ

In her acting career, the “iCarly” actress has been to 5 Kids Choice Awards Ceremonies in total.

Likewise, she is also a 5 times Youth Artist Award Nominee.

Alongside, she was also successful to win the Kid’s Choice Award as well as the thе Аuѕtrаlіаn Кіd’ѕ Сhоісе Аwаrdѕ.

Furthermore, in 2009 she won the Teen Choice Award for her work on iCarly which was under the category of Favorite TV Sidekick.

3 Facts about Jennette Mccurdy

  • Cookie and cream-flavored ice cream is Nickelodeon’s favorite ice cream flavor. She also loves Asian food particularly, Sushi.
  • Jennette has also written a full-length magazine which she describes as for girls who are of age 8 and above. Along with it, she has written 4 full-length screenplays as well.
  • She loves reading books, Harry Potter is her favorite while the favorite book stores for her to visit include Barnes & Noble, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, and FAO Schwarz.


Who is Jenette McCurdy’s boyfriend?

Jennette McCurdy has not been rumored dating anyone as of now.

Her last relationship was with Andre Drummond in the year 2013. Thereafter, McCurdy has either been keeping her life private or simply been enjoying her private life.

Does Jennette McCurdy have a twin?

No, the iCarly star does not have a twin. She has 3 older brothers instead.

Is she involved in politics?

Although she is involved in a lot of things and was also seen endorsing one of the candidates at her home state of California, she is not actively involved in politics herself.



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