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Who Is 42 Dugg Girlfriend After Ex Jazmin ReNae?

42 Dugg has made waves in the hip-hop industry with his music. Now rumors surface about his new girlfriend, so let’s find out more about the relationship of 42 Dugg further in this article!

Dion Marquise Hayes, known professionally as 42 Dugg, is an American rapper and singer from Detroit, Michigan. 

He signed to YO Gotti and Lil Baby’s labels through a joint venture with Interscope Records in 2019.

Moreover, 42 Dugg has released several hit tracks including We Paid, Grace, 4 Da Gang, Maybach, and Free Dem Boyz.

Apart from his excellent career, the rapper has made headlines for his involvement in several controversies.

Recently, rumors about 42 Dugg having a new girlfriend have been circulating after his scandalous split with his ex.

Who Is 42 Dugg Girlfriend After Ex Jazmin ReNae?

Previously, 42 Dugg was linked with his girlfriend, Jazmin ReNae for several years before a disastrous ending.

ReNae is a model and lifestyle influencer known for her provocative but casual fashion sense and her love of music and luxury items.

During their relationship, 42 Dugg posted hurtful comments regarding his ex-girlfriend which agitated her.

42 Dugg wearing a neon jacket
Authorities have charged 42 Dugg with felony cases. (Source: Instagram)

In return, ReNae brought up the financial condition of the rapper and dissed him for not having furniture in his house.

Moreover, 42 Dugg replied to the post by revealing stacks of money that he made in a week by rapping.

Additionally, the Detroit rapper showed off his new Lamborghini in an attempt to dismiss the claims of ReNae.

Fans were enjoying the argument between the couple when ReNae decided to break her silence through an Instagram Live.

Among other things in her nearly 30-minute stream, ReNae had a field day calling Dugg out for what she says is his abnormally huge butt.

Similarly, the influencer went on to give further context, explaining that 42 Dugg has been making attempts to sabotage her character.

42 Dugg on stage for tour
42 Dugg often flexes his luxury items and cars. (Source: Instagram)

Their relationship ended on a bitter note, and netizens were present to witness the events.

After such a troublesome past, 42 Dugg does not seem to have a new girlfriend despite the rumors.

Likewise, after his release from prison, the rapper has involved himself in several projects.

42 Dugg’s involvement in several troubles with the police seems to have kept him away from new relationships.

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42 Dugg’s Legal Issues: Several Felony Charges And Imprisonment

Over the years, legal authorities have tangled with 42 Dugg several times.

At age 15, police arrested the rapper and sentenced him to 4 years in prison for carjacking.

However, a fight with an inmate while in custody extended his prison time to a total of six years.

42 Dugg in front of a car
42 Dugg has not revealed the mother of his son. (Source: Instagram)

During that time, 42 Dugg practiced lyric writing and later got released at the age of twenty-two.

A few years later, the rapper fired a gun in an Atlanta gun range, even though he was prohibited from doing so due to felony charges.

Moreover, he spent several months as a fugitive after fleeing from a traffic stop in a hired SUV.

Earlier in April, authorities sentenced 42 Dugg to a year in prison for failure to report, in an ongoing saga of legal cases.

Additionally, he spoke out about the horrendous conditions he was facing behind bars through a social media post.

After six months, the rapper walked out of the United States Penitentiary Atlanta with the help of Yo Gotti.

The rapper showing off his money
42 Dugg was serving months in prison after attempts to evade the law. (Source: Instagram)

Previously, online users flamed 42 Dugg for hugging his son while placing a kiss on his neck.

Although the clip appeared playful, netizens quickly pointed out the inappropriate manner of the gesture.

Similarly, Twitter users threatened the rapper and planned to call the Child Protection Services.

Regardless of such backlash, 42 Dugg released his new music, Go Again, a week after coming out of jail.

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