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5 Most Infamous Cristiano Ronaldo Controversies

A Portuguese football player named Cristiano Ronaldo represents the English club Manchester United and serves as captain of the Portuguese national team.

Cristiano Ronaldo, a football legend from Portugal who enjoys making headlines for his performance, is perhaps the best player to play the game.

Christiano Ronaldo has faced numerous controversies throughout his career, ranging from his behavior on the field to his personal life.

His life is expected to be full of disputes because he is a superstar in the sporting community.

Rumors, hatred, and other harmful things are commonplace for CR7 because he has just as many detractors as supporters.

I am here representing five of the most Ronaldo controversies.

Arrested on rape charges in 2005.

Cristiano Ronaldo was arrested in 2005 for allegedly raping a woman with another man in a central London hotel.

Cristiano denied the allegations against him, and later, all the accusations against him were dropped by Scotland Yard due to insufficiency of pieces of evidence against him.

Aside from them, Cristiano Ronaldo has consistently generated controversy, as shown by his comment on his Real Madrid teammates’ skill level from February 27, 2016.

He was also involved in Wayne Rooney’s controversial dismissal during the 2006 FIFA World Cup quarter-finals.

2009 Rape Allegation.

Cristiano Ronaldo was accused of raping a lady named Kathryn Mayorga in a Las Vegas hotel on July 13, 2009.

She stated through a letter that CR7 paid her $375,000 to be silent over the problem.

However, the experienced footballer has dismissed the charges saying ‘sex was consensual.

cristiano ronaldo
Ronaldo accused of rape (Source – nypost.com)

In June 2019, the Las Vegas Police department dropped the case and noted that “no charges will be forthcoming.”

Later, Court filings revealed in April 2021 that she is asking £ 56 million for past pain, future pain and suffering, and punitive damages.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.’s mysterious “Biological Mother.”

When news broke that Cristiano Ronaldo had a one-night affair with a 20-years old female in the past, the entire globe went berserk.

She claimed to be the child’s mother and sought $10 million to give the child away.

Having a child with an unidentified woman is Cristiano Ronaldo’s most well-known controversy. In 2010, the Portuguese striker shocked everyone when he announced the birth of his first kid.

The infant was named Cristiano Ronaldo Junior, but his mother’s identity remains a mystery.

Ronaldo claimed full custody of his child and gave the unidentified woman £10,000,000 in exchange for keeping her identity a secret.

Rumored gay affair with Moroccan boxer Badr Hari.

The rumor that has been waiting to happen is this one. When a gay connection with the boxer above began, sports fans worldwide were astounded to the core.

According to French television, the current Manchester United striker is having an affair with Moroccan boxer Badr Hari.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Ronaldo with Moroccon boxer. (Source – The sun)

In April 2016, television reported that Ronaldo flew to Morocco regularly after hard training sessions to enjoy cuddles and spend quality time with his friend Badri Hari.

However, the news was later labeled as a hoax because the news channels embellished it to make it appear authentic.

Donation of $8 million toward the Nepal Earthquake.

The news that Ronaldo had donated $8 million to the earthquake victims in Nepal was welcomed by the entire world, but little did they know that the rumor was untrue.

He tweeted in solidarity with the Nepalese victims, urging his followers to contribute whatever they could to the Save the Children trust fund.

Some news reports claim that he gave $5 million, which is untrue.

Although his knowledge and support were greatly appreciated, he never made a financial contribution, making the entire tale wrong.


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