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6ix9ine Health Update: NY Rapper Jumped Video Reddit 2023

6ix9ine Health Update: The NY rapper’s fans worldwide are concerned about his condition after he was hospitalized following an attack from a group of people in a gym bathroom.

Daniel Hernandez, aka Takashi 6ix9ine, is an American rapper known for his unique rapping style.

He is also known for his rainbow-colored hair and tattoos. Besides his musical videos, Takashi often makes headlines with his personal life issues.

Last week, a video went viral where some people beat the rapper in a gym bathroom. Here is an update about 6ix9ine’s condition and the incident which required him to be hospitalized.

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6ix9ine Health Update: He Is Recovering

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is recovering, confirmed his lawyer, Lance Lazzaro, on Wednesday (29 March 2023).

On Tuesday night, three or four people beat the rapper to a pulp in a South Florida gym’s restroom.

What Race Is 69 Tekashi
Tekashi69 is reportedly recovering from the injuries he sustained on Tuesday’s attack. (Image Source: Independent)

The group cornered the rainbow-haired musician in the sauna of an LA Fitness. The altercation left the Gummo hitmaker with some injuries. Thankfully, Takashi 6ix9ine’s injury was not serious, and he is recovering.

His face was slashed, and there were a lot of bruises after the incident.

According to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, the musician was treated at the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. The Plam Beach detectives are handling the case.

NY Rapper Takashi 6ix9ine Jumped Video Reddit 2023

Footage of New York-based rapper 6ix9ine getting jumped at a gym in Florida surfaced. As reported by New York Post, the video was shared online by OnlyInDade. 

The clip took the internet by storm. Numerous people shared the footage on different platforms.

A statement from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office disclosed that the assault occurred at the LA Fitness in Lake Worth’s 8000 block of Lantana Road.

The altercation was recorded as at least two men kicked and pulled the rapper by the hair. As of this writing, the motive of the assault is unknown.

The singer tried to fight back against the group but failed. The viral video showed the rapper lying on the bathroom floor, and the angry attacker struck him with continuous blows.

The singer’s attorney said he didn’t have personal security. His attempt to fight back was overpowered and overnumbered, said Lance Lazzaro.

A group of people beat Tekashi 6ix9ine. (Image Source: New York Post)

Employees heard the disturbance and went there. Attackers reportedly fled the scene.

Three People Arrested In Connection Of 6ix9ine Attack

Police officers took three men under custody on Thursday concerning the 6ix9ine attack on Tuesday.

The suspects have been identified as Octavious Medina, 24,  Rafael Medina Jr., 44, and Anthony Maldonado, 26.

They were booked into the Palm Beach County prison on robbery and assault charges. The trio suspects were expected to make a court appearance on Friday morning.

The Bushwick native was thrown out from a Florida baseball field on Friday following last week’s drunken uproar.

Hernandez received a two-year prison term in 2019 for participating in the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods group. Tekashi69 faced allegations of racketeering and other offenses that might have landed him in jail for a long time.

Nonetheless, he accepted a plea agreement that reduced his sentence in exchange for tipping off his old Bloods allies.

The assistant US attorney at the time claimed that 6ix9ine “would always have to look over his shoulder.” Members of his group had before been involved in a shooting outside an Upper East Side restaurant in 2018.

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