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8 Passengers Wikipedia: Ruby Franke Child Abuse Case

With the recent popularization of the case of Ruby Franke’s child abuse allegations, people have started to search for the Wikipedia page of her YouTube channel,l 8 Passengers, to know more about it.

Ruby Franke, a former American family vlogger known for the YouTube channel 8 Passengers, is facing serious legal trouble.

The channel, started by Ruby and her husband in 2015, shared their family’s daily life and parenting experiences with their six children.

However, the family’s situation took a dark turn on August 30, 2023, when authorities arrested Ruby Franke in Washington County, Utah.

She now faces six counts of aggravated child abuse under Utah law. The charges stem from the content on their channel, which focused on parenting and discipline.

This shocking case has raised concerns about the well-being of children in the spotlight of family vlogging.

As a result, people became curious to learn about her, but there’s limited information on the Wikipedia page about Ruby Franke’s child abuse case and her YouTube channel 8 Passengers.

Ruby Franke: Early Life And 8 Passengers YouTube Channel Wikipedia

Ruby Franke was born on January 18, 1982, in Utah, USA, and is currently 41.

Firstly, she gained fame as an American YouTube personality through her family vlog, 8 Passengers.

Besides that, in 2015, Ruby, the oldest of five siblings in a family of YouTube stars, kicked off her channel, making her way to fame.

Ruby Franke with white sweatshirt. (8 Passengers Wikipedia)
Ruby Franke is the mother of two sons and four daughters.

The focus was on her family life, featuring her six kids, starting with moments of their baby girl, Eve.

Nevertheless, the channel changed over time to capture the bustling dynamics of a big family.

Fans loved watching Ruby’s parenting style, known for being pretty strict, and got mixed reactions from viewers.

Some praised her, and others were concerned about what seemed like tough punishments for the kids.

Likewise, this stirred up controversy and connected her with a parent coaching platform called ConneXions, adding more fuel to the debate about her methods.

However, despite having nearly 2.3 million subscribers, 8 Passengers can still not make it to Wikipedia.

Ruby Franke with her family in a snowy weather.(8 Passengers Wikipedia)
Ruby Franke had 406.4K followers on Instagram.

Moreover, Ruby’s rising family journey became a topic of public interest and scrutiny, especially given her legal troubles.

Authorities currently prohibit Ruby from using, owning, or creating any other YouTube channel.

Yet, despite the success of 8 Passengers with Ruby Franke’s story reflecting the complexities of navigating family, fame, and challenges, it still does not have a Wikipedia page.

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Child Abuse Allegations: Ruby Franke And Family Pleads Guilty 

Ruby Franke admitted guilt to four serious charges of second-degree aggravated child abuse.

She entered her guilty pleas on December 18, closing her eyes as she faced the court. The charges involve the mistreatment of her children.

The Santa Clara-Ivins police in Utah found one of her kids emaciated, malnourished, with wounds and duct tape around their limbs.

Another 10-year-old required hospitalization due to the severity of their health after a similar condition was found.

Thus, Ruby is set to be sentenced on February 20, 2024, and will stay in jail until then.

8 Passenger Youtube channel creator with one of her son. (8 Passengers Wikipedia)
The court has scheduled Ruby Franke’s sentencing for February 20, 2024.

Meanwhile, the Department of Child and Family Services placed her four minor children in their care due to the distressing conditions found in their home.

Her business partner and mental health counselor, Jodi Hildebrandt, also faces six counts of child abuse.

However, Ruby’s family has not made any public statements regarding her guilty pleas to the child abuse charges.

Yet, the focus has mainly been on Ruby Franke’s admission of guilt and the legal proceedings surrounding the case.

Therefore, her family’s views on the abuse case remain private. But the guilty pleas mark a tragic turn in the publicized life of this YouTube personality.

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