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A Biltmore Christmas Wikipedia, Cast With Story Of His Merry Wife

The Christmas season is all about magical movies, and A Biltmore Christmas is set to make many fall in love with the holidays with its Wikipedia page.

The next movie Hallmark has blessed us with this holiday season is A Biltmore Christmas.

With a story crafted by Marcy Holland, the plot takes the viewers on a ride to the life of 1947.

Further, A Biltmore Christmas showcases a natural-looking performance from actors with immense chemistry.

After its release on November 26, 2023, the story has taken over the movie scene.

Now with the Wikipedia of A Biltmore Christmas, let’s look at the plot summary and cast details.

A Biltmore Christmas Wikipedia: Holiday Wonder Comes To Screen

The Wikipedia of A Biltmore Christmas showcases the detailed plot summary and ending.

Lucy is a screenwriter hired to write the script for a remake of a classic holiday movie, His Merry Wife!

Further, the movie was initially filmed in 1947 at the Biltmore, a place associated with Christmas.

A Biltmore Christmas Lucy
Lucy wants to know the true ending of the movie. (Source: Instagram)

The screenwriter writes a less happy ending than the original movie, which leads to Lucy’s travel to Biltmore.

While at the estate, Lucy accidentally travels back to the 1947 set of His Merry Wife! through an hourglass.

Moreover, she uses the opportunity to uncover the truth about the movie’s original ending.

Likewise, the writer meets Jack, one of the film’s stars, and forms a deep connection with him.

However, Lucy’s presence at the past’s set disrupts the natural progression of the events.

Similarly, it puts the entire film production and the future of those involved in jeopardy.

As Lucy tries to find a way home, she battles her unexpected and undeniable feelings for Jack.

A Biltmore Christmas Lucy and Jack
Lucy faces many challenges while time traveling. (Source: Instagram)

Further, the clock begins to tick down for the writer, who must make things right before returning to her time.

The plot thickens in the Wikipedia of A Biltmore Christmas as she finds it harder to part with Jack.

However, it takes a bit of Christmas magic to save the day and reunite Lucy and Jack.

With many possibilities for an ending, Lucy returns home to her own time with a heavy heart.

But Jack finds his way to the present after her, perfectly concluding the movie.

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Cast That Revolve Around His Merry Wife: Hallmark Magic To The Rescue

Along with the plot summary, let’s look at the cast for A Biltmore Christmas with Wikipedia.

Directed by John Putch, the story takes the viewers on an enchanting journey to the Biltmore estates.

Further, the historic landmark was decked with holiday decorations, which added beauty to the movie.

A Biltmore Christmas main leads
Lucy falls in love with Jack, who finds a way to the future. (Source: Instagram)

As for the cast members, here are some of the notable ones:

  • Bethany Joy Lenz- Lucy Hardgrove
  • Kristoffer Polaha- Jack Huston
  • Colton Little- Claude Lancaster
  • Jennifer Cortese- Peggy
  • Annabelle Borke- Ava Hayward
  • A.K. Benninghofen- Margaret
  • David Alexander- William
  • Caity Brewer- Becca
  • Tommy Cresswell- Michael Balaban

After its release, many viewers named A Biltmore Christmas an instant holiday classic.

Likewise, the lead actress stated that the nostalgia of the script really attracted her to the project.

Further, in the movie His Merry Wife!, within the original, the characters lived through the life of the 40s and 50s.

The glamor and beauty of the year were showcased elegantly on the screen by the team.

Similarly, many online have expressed how much they liked the ending to the holiday delight.

As a magical movie, A Biltmore Christmas is surely on the watchlist of many who love Hallmark creations.

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