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A Nearly Normal Family Wikipedia: Netflix Review, Cast, Summary

With the suspense stretched to its end, A Nearly Normal Family is a new topic of discussion for netizens as many search for the plot summary and cast details with its Wikipedia.

Netflix is back with its latest crime fiction, A Nearly Normal Family, which tells the story of a family.

The twisty thriller keeps the viewers guessing almost to the end and concludes with a shocking reveal.

Further, A Nearly Normal Family introduces the Sandell family, who have a dark past.

With amazing performances and overall plot, the series has earned recognition from viewers.

Now, the Wikipedia of A Nearly Normal Family aims to explore the plot summary along with the casting details.

A Nearly Normal Family Wikipedia: Netflix Series Summary & Ending Explained

The Wikipedia of A Nearly Normal Family reveals that Stella was sexually assaulted while away on a school trip.

Her teachers send her home after discovering the incident, while her parents suggest that Stella stay quiet.

Further, her mother, Ulrika, a lawyer, advises Stella and her father that they don’t make a police report.

A Nearly Normal Family main cast
Stella goes through a traumatic event. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, Ulrika states that she wants to protect her daughter from the trauma of the event.

The story fast-forwards a few years after Stella has dropped out of school for work.

Moreover, she is saving up money to travel as her relationship with her parents has become strained.

Likewise, the teenager was instead much more focused on spending time with her best friend, Amina.

But authorities arrest Stella for the murder of her new boyfriend, Christoffer, which further tests her morality.

However, her father, Adam, a priest, was resolved that his daughter was innocent.

Throughout the episodes, the story of Stella and her parent’s relationship is explored, which is the major plot of A Nearly Normal Family.

A Nearly Normal Family Stella and Christoffer
Christoffer is a controlling boyfriend of Stella. (Source: Twitter)

As the final episode inches close, Stella faces trial while her father provides a false alibi.

Further, they did not have much proof apart from Stella’s footprint close to the body.

Now, a major twist revealed that Amina had been assaulted by Christoffer after being drugged.

Through flashbacks from Stella’s perspective, she reveals that she finds her boyfriend committing the crime.

Stella then hits him in the head before stabbing him in the chest with a kitchen knife.

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The Gripping Netflix Series: Cast Details And Review

Along with the plot summary, the Wikipedia of A Nearly Normal Family also brings the cast details.

Directed by Per Hanefjord, the Netflix series has managed to captivate the viewers.

Further, Christian Fandango Sundgren as Christoffer and Alexandra Karlsson Tyrefors as Stella stole the show.

A Nearly Normal Family end scene
The series manages to hook the viewers till the end. (Source: Twitter)

Likewise, Anima, played by Melisa Ferhatovic, had an important part in the overall story.

Meanwhile, Björn Bengtsson and Lo Kauppi portrayed the parents, showing raw emotions.

Some of the other cast members of A Nearly Normal Family are:

  • Håkan Bengtsson- Mikael
  • Vera Olin- Louise
  • Cedomir Glisovic- Nalle
  • Rasmus Troedsson- John 
  • Christoffer Willen- Robin
  • Sara Chaanhing Kennedy- Alexandra

With an amazing cast, A Nearly Normal Family has received positive reviews from viewers worldwide, which is noteworthy in its Wikipedia.

The binge-worthy series had many glued to their seat from the first episode, which was thrilling.

Stella from Netflix series
Stella shows her strength throughout the series. (Source: Twitter)

Although the show switches perspectives, it focuses on the same timelines.

Further, all the viewpoints from characters overlap to create one big storyline with less gray area.

Moreover, the ending is satisfying to watch as it concludes major aspects of the series swiftly.

Similarly, many have admired the way A Nearly Normal Family handled the sensitive topic of sexual assault.

Nevertheless, the gripping series was released on November 24, 2023, and is now available for streaming on Netflix.

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