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Aaliyah Kikumoto Age: How Old Is Masters Fan? Ethnicity And Tiktok

Netizens were eager to know Aaliyah Kikumoto age as the master’s fan who went viral after being spotted in the crowd got identified as the Texas Tech cheerleader.

It has been revealed that the golf enthusiast who went viral on social media on Sunday night is a cheerleader Aaliyah Kikumoto from Texas Tech in Colorado.

Aaliyah was caught on camera by at least one TikTok user as she watched the dramatic US master’s final between Jon Rahm and Brooks Koepka from the 16th tee box.

When Kikumoto waited with everyone else for Patrick Cantlay to make his shot so Rahm and Koepka could continue their fight, the camera stayed on her face long enough for her to become famous.

Things got started when the TikTok user DoubleBogeys posted a little clip of Kikumoto with the description as he falls in love with someone he barely saw for 15 seconds.

The teenager, Kikumoto is seen towards the beginning of the video appearing nervous before smiling as Cantlay proceeds to line up his drive. The clip has received over 250,000 likes and had over 3.4 million views as of this writing.

Aaliyah Kikumoto Age And Ethnicity: How Old Is Masters Fan? 

Aaliyah Kikumoto age is 20 years old. Hence, the cheerleader was born in the year 2004.

People were looking up for Aaliyah Kikumoto age and her other details as she was captured and focused by the camera for a long during the game.

Kikumoto is a native of Colorado who attended Rock Canyon High School in the suburbs of Denver where she grew up.

Ms. Kikumoto was reared in America, where she was also born. Her last name, which suggests that she is of Japanese ethnicity, has nonetheless caused some people to be confused.

The cheerleader is listed as a 2022–2023 member of Texas Tech’s Pom team. Along with her father Charles, the Texas college student went to Augusta for the competition. Kikumoto seems to be accepting her new label as a Masters’s girl.

Aaliyah Kikumoto age
Aaliyah Kikumoto age is just 19 years old. (Source: Instagram)

Besides Aaliyah Kikumoto age, netizens are also eager to find out about her Tiktok and other social media handles account.

AJ Loveland, the mother of Kikumoto, was also among the people who commented on the new viral celebrity in America.

Given that Kikumoto’s mother used to dance for the NBA’s Denver Nuggets Dancers, it is obvious that cheering runs in her family

Her father, Charles, is a Brigham Young University alumnus who works as an executive for the Moreton & Company insurance agency in Colorado.

Aaliyah formerly served on the finance committee for his state’s Republican Party, the Utah Republican Party.

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Aaliyah Kikumoto Tiktok Update

Aaliyah Kikumoto’s Tiktok has received and gained huge search spikes after she became viral following her short clip which showed her genuine expression during a golf game.

People can explore Aaliyah on her Tiktok account with the username @aaliyahkikumoto. The cheerleader has gained over 47.5k followers and has amassed over 293.3k likes in all her reels.

Her Tiktok has gained a massive number of followers in these few days. Kikumoto generally posts reels with her sister and daily life activity in her Tiktok.

Also on the other hand, Aaliyah is available on the Instagram platform with her username @aaliyahkikumoto.

Aaliyah Kikumoto Tiktok
Aaliyah Kikumoto has gained many followers on all her social media handles. (Source: Instagram )

Aaliyah has uploaded exactly 100 posts and has over 38.8k followers as of writing this article. Kikumoto usually uploads her pictures outdoors with her friends or in a cheerleading outfit.

In social media, Kikumoto is becoming more and more well-known. She is making friends at an increasing rate, and many of them express their admiration for her cheering prowess and upbeat outlook.

Her parents, Charles and A.J., appear to enjoy the news that their daughter is becoming famous on social media.

The cheerleader recently went in the Augusta National golf tournament and was shown on television at the 16th hole alongside American golfer Brooks Koepka and Spanish golfer Jon Rahm.

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