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Aaron Smith-Levin Wikipedia: Scientologist Chucked For Violence

Scientology has affected the lives of many, and Aaron Smith-Levin is among those who seem to have personal grudges with religion. Now, with the Wikipedia of Aaron Smith-Levin, learn more about the individual.

Aaron Smith-Levin is known for his various acts in relation to the infamous religion, Scientology.

This belief made Aaron have faith in a blend of science and spirituality from a young age.

Further, he gained attention after conducting complex and deep research on hedge fund managers.

However, such news revealed that the affiliation with Scientology ran deep in his family.

As people searched Wikipedia, many wondered the real reasons why Aaron Smith-Levin left the religion.

Aaron Smith-Levin Wikipedia: The Scientologist Dismissed For Violence

For many, the Wikipedia of Aaron Smith-Levin is an interesting topic because of his past events.

The 42-year-old individual is a native of Florida and was the son of Gayle Smith.

Further, Gayle was a single mother who began her journey to the religion as a member of the Philly org staff.

Aaron Smith-Levin
Aaron was dismissed from the church. (Source: Facebook)

Moreover, Aaron also had a twin brother, and his whole family became members of the cult.

Likewise, in 1993, church leader David Miscavige announced that the religion had won its long war.

After the announcement, Aaron and his brother were inspired and pleaded with their mother to join as a staff.

So, the family moved to the Flag Land Base, where the brothers began their training as auditors.

For 12 years, Aaron became a dedicated Scientology worker before joining the Sea Org.

While at the organization, he met Heather Tozser, whom he married a while later.

Additionally, the couple became pregnant, violating the rules, and faced pressure for an abortion.

But Aaron and Heather decided they wanted to have their child, so in 2007, they left the Sea Org.

Aaron Smith-Levin with a dog
Aaron faced charges of misconduct and violence. (Source: Facebook)

However, it is notable in his Wikipedia that Aaron Smith-Levin remained a church member.

In the following years, the church labeled his mother as suppressive, and he could not communicate with her.

Despite such difficulties, Aaron excelled in his career with several jobs and businesses.

However, his hate for religion existed for personal reasons, which led to his dismissal from Scientology in 2014.

Moreover, the church explained his behavior as violent, antisocial, and abusive.

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A Trail Of Violence: Aaron Smith-Levin’s Journey Away From The Religion

Aaron was featured in press reports in 2022 for incidents of drunk and disorderly conduct and harassment.

Further, he approached a woman he had stalked online a year earlier before her boyfriend punched her.

To add to his Wikipedia, Aaron Smith-Levin had also been cheating on his wife.

Meanwhile, as revenge on the religion, he used his position to spy on fellow Scientologists.

Moreover, Aaron disseminated information to others whom the church dismissed for criminal conduct.

Despite being a spy, he gained a large sum of money from his job.

Aaron Smith-Levin for election campaign
Aaron ran for the city council in Clearwater. (Source: Facebook)

Only after the church expelled Aaron he admitted his dishonesty in a radio interview.

After such a troublesome past, Aaron joined an investment research company, On The Ground.

Even there, people accused him of creating false information for his personal benefit.

Additionally, Aaron was involved in a non-profit to help Mike Rinder and Leah Remini.

During that time, he conspires to hack Church of Scientology computers to steal information for the show.

Additionally, Aaron fabricated false police reports for his appearance on Aftermath.

Meanwhile, he conducts his campaigns of hate with support from criminals and extremists.

Looking back at his life, Aaron Smith-Levin has created difficulties for the church in several manner.

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