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Aayushi Verma MMS Scandal Explained: Video Viral on Twitter and Reddit

Aayushi Verma MMS is trending on the internet as her followers are searching for her viral video. Here’s what we know about the social media star.

Aayushi Verma is a famous social media star from India who has gained more than 5.1 million followers on her self-titled Instagram handle.

Furthermore, Verma has been active on Instagram for a long time, and she made her first post in 2020. Since then, Aayushi has remained active and has come a long way.

Likewise, Verma shares a reel via her account that gains huge public attention. Once, she posted a transition video from being in gym clothes to wearing an orange top that dragged the eyes of many people.

Currently, Aayushi’s name has been linked with MMS. So, let’s find out everything about Verma’s viral video and MMS.

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Aayushi Verma MMS Scandal Explained

Aayushi Verma MMS is trending on the internet as everyone is searching for her viral video. Many of her followers have been asking questions about Verma’s MMS.

In the past, there have been records of some social media stars going viral after their private video leak. In the same way, Verma’s name may have been linked with the same incident.

Aayushi Verma MMS
Aayushi Verma’s MMS has dragged the Instagram star into the controversy. ( Source: Instagram )

Some social media personality gets into controversy without any fact, as some unauthorized sources often post fake videos just to get likes and views.

So, Verma may have become the victim of the same incident as there are no videos related to Verma, but everyone on the web has been searching for Verma’s MMS for the past few days.

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Aayushi Verma Viral Video on Twitter and Reddit

As mentioned earlier, Aayushi Verma’s scandal is trending on the internet, and fans are also searching for the fact regarding her viral video on multiple social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

Some unverified websites on the internet have shared fake news with clickbait regarding Verma. This makes it clear that the viral video of Verma is fake, and it was created to get views and likes on one’s post.

Aayushi Verma Viral Video
Everyone on the internet is searching for Aayushi Verma’s viral video, which seems to be fake. ( Source: Instagram )

Furthermore, the viral topic of Aayushi is gradually going viral on Reddit and Twitter. Some of Verma’s haters have also left negative comments on her social media post.

Despite all the rumors, Aayushi has not commented anything regarding this matter yet.

Who Is Aayushi Verma? Wiki Explored

Aayushi Verma is a famous social media personality mainly active on Instagram under the username @aayushiivermaa. She was born on August 10, 2002, in India, making her age 21 years as of 2024.

Moreover, Verma holds Indian nationality. Furthermore, Verma has a close bond with her family members but mainly keeps them away from the media.

However, Aayushi’s parents have also appeared in some of her Instagram reels. Also she has a sister, and her sister has also appeared in her Instagram video. 

Aayushi Verma Wiki
Aayushi Verma is a young Instagram star from India who has gained millions of followers on her handle. ( Source: Instagram )

Apart from Instagram, Verma also has an account on TikTok, and at the time of this post, Verma has collected more than 64.3k followers. On TikTok, Aayushi is not much active compared to Instagram.

Exploring her social media posts, it can be seen Verma working with some brands too. So, it is believed that the Instagram star may also earn money from brand collaborations. 

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