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Abigail Rodriguez Arrested And Charged- Daughter Grace Accidentally Shoot Herself

Abigail Rodriguez arrested news is trending on the news and people have given their opinion as the woman is charged with neglect in her daughter’s shooting death.

Abigail is a 28-year-old woman and mother of her daughter, Grace Rodriguez who accidentally shot herself resulting in her death.

Police have taken over the case and for the investigation have taken Rodriguez in the custody.

The news of the accidentally shot has spread like a wildfire in the media and people and social media users have given their opinion on the harsh incident.

The police have started their studies on the shooting case. Soon, the reports of the horrific incident will be made public and more insights into the accident will be available.

As of now, there are not many details on the Abigail Rodriguez arrest case as details are kept confidential and more information are yet to be updated.

Abigail Rodriguez Arrested And Charged

A charge of neglect of a dependent has been brought against the mother of a 2-year-old child after Abigail’s daughter died when the kid accidentally shot herself with a pistol she discovered in her house.

Abigail Rodriguez was arrested and has been charged, according to online court documents on Wednesday.

Grace Rodriguez, Abigail’s little daughter passed away at Comer Children’s Hospital in Chicago a few hours after killing herself on February 7th, as per the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

According to Rodriguez, who told police she was with her daughter when Grace walked into her mother’s room and shot herself with a 9 mm pistol, a Portage police officer noted in a statement.

Abigail Rodriguez arrested
Abigail Rodriguez arrested after she is charged with neglect of a dependent. (Source: WishTV )

Grace’s mother claimed she believed her daughter was moving toward the living area when she heard a gunshot.

Abigail allegedly ran into her bedroom and discovered Grace lying on the floor bleeding. Rodriguez’s daughter was rushed into the hospital but could not be saved.

Furthermore, the mother claimed to store the firearm in the kitchen during the day and on a nightstand near her bed at night. But Abigail claimed that on a relevant day, she had forgotten to carry the rifle into the kitchen.

Rodriguez’s lawyer was unable to comment on Wednesday because his voicemail box was full.

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Abigail Rodriguez Case

After Abigail Rodriguez arrested, she will now be put in the courtroom in front of the judge.

Rodriguez was detained by the police as she got charged with negligence which led to the death of her little daughter.

There has been no information uploaded on the internet about Grace’s father. Maybe Abigail’s husband might come forward in the media with the shooting incident.

Rodriguez’s family is grieving the loss of their little one Grace, who is no more due to the accidental shooting.

Prayers, condolences, and tributes have been sent by the social media user and viewers who heard the sad news about the passing of the little one.

Abigail Rodriguez
Abigail Rodriguez will first appear in court this Friday. (Source: NWITimes)

After the incident, police took control of the house and the weapon was discovered by a responding policeman near Abigail Rodriguez’s bed.

Furthermore, it was discovered that Rodriguez had four more firearms in the apartment. It also raised concerns because Abigail had kept four firearms with her.

The first court appearance for Rodriguez is set for Friday and people are waiting to hear what the judge has to decide on the case and for how long Abigail will be put behind the bars for her negligence.

Rodriguez’s blunder has caused the loss of her daughter Grace who was just two years old.

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