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Who Are Adolfo Dybala And Alicia de Dybala? Paulo Dybala Parents Age Gap And Family Ethnicity

Football fans are keen to know more about Paulo Dybala parents, Adolfo Dybala and Alicia De Dybala, as the World Cup started, and fans are hopeful for the Argentinian team to succeed this time. 

Argentinean professional footballer Paulo Exequiel Dybala plays forward for Juventus in Serie A and the Argentina national team. He is anticipated to depart Juventus after the conclusion of the 2021–2022 season.

Nicknamed “La Joya” (“The Jewel”), Dybala started his senior club career in 2011 with Instituto de Córdoba. In 2012, at 18, he signed with Palermo, where he won a Serie B championship.

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Dybala joined Juventus in 2015 and won four Italian Cups and five league championships.

In addition, Dybala was selected four times for the Serie A Team of the Year, won the Serie A Most Valuable Player award once, and is Juventus’ ninth-highest goalscorer.

Meet Adolfo Dybala And Alicia de Dybala: Paulo Dybala Parents Age Gap  

Adolfo Dybala and Alicia de Dybala welcomed Paulo Bruno Exequiel Dybala into the world on November 15, 1993, in Laguna Larga, Cordoba, Argentina.

A prophecy led to Dybala’s birth into a middle-class household. Yes, he was a mysterious boy who had been foretold to play football before he was even born.

His father, Adolfo Dybala, made this prophecy. Before the birth of his three kids, he declared that one of them would have a single goal in life. 

To fulfill this prophecy, Paulo Dybala was born. He was the youngest and youngest child when he was born. When Dybala decided to play football at a young age, his future was set.

Paulo Dybala Parents
Paulo Dybala With His Father (Source: Twitter)

Adolfo was able to see his fate and never gave up. He would utilize his last remaining funds to buy gas for his automobile to get to the practice field daily.

He put a lot of money into Paulo, not because he wanted the prophecy to come true, but because the Argentine footballer could see that he was driven to succeed.

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Dybala has a duty to his father. Making him appreciate and witness the results of his labor and fulfilling his forecast.

Sadly, the latter never occurred because his father passed away just as he needed him. He is still sad about his father.

The greatest ally in his unrelenting quest to demolish powerful teams and surpass all other footballers is now the pain of losing his father.

Aldofo Dybala, the father of Paulo Dybala, had a dream that he did not see come true. He was prematurely taken by cancer in September 2008. Dybala was then a 15-year-old.

There needs to be precise data on how old Adolfo Dybala and Alicia de Dybala are, so the age gap cannot be calculated. 

Paulo Dybala Family And Ethnicity Explored 

The roots of Paulo Dybala’s late father, Mr. Adolfo Dybala, can be traced to the Polish hamlet of Krasniow.

Today, his family resides in Argentina. Because their grandfather, Boresaw Dybala, was born close to Kielce, Poland, his family can be traced back to that country.

During World War II, he left his birthplace of Poland and moved to Argentina. This took place during the Nazi occupation of his hamlet of Krasniow.

Paulo’s maternal grandmother, Da Messa, is Italian. Hence his family also shares Italian ancestry. She is a native of Naples Province.

Paulo Dybala Parents
Paulo Dybala With His Mother And Brothers (Source: Twitter)

On August 13, 2012, Paulo obtained his citizenship in Italy formally. He is qualified to compete for the national soccer teams of Argentina, Italy, and Poland. Paulo Dybala and Mrs. Alicia de Dybala, his mother, have a good relationship.

A saying states that nothing is nearly as special as the love between a mother and a son. This is the scenario between the two.

Paulo’s family also shares Italian ancestry through his maternal grandmother Da Messa. Her hometown is Naples Province. Paulo received his Italian citizenship on August 13, 2012.

He can represent the national soccer teams of Argentina, Italy, and Poland. There is a deep bond between Paulo Dybala and his mother, Mrs. Alicia de Dybala.

According to a proverb, nothing has been or will ever be as wonderful as a mother’s love for her kid. Between the two, this is true.

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Paulo Dybala’s older brother is Gustavo Dybala. He once attempted football but failed. Knowing that the game wasn’t for him, he left it early. Currently, Gustavo runs his company out of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Paulo Dybala’s older brother by blood is Mariano Dybala (below). He avoided football from the start since he had never been interested in it.

In gymnastics, he discovered love. In La Plata, Argentina, Mariano currently competes in the lower levels of gymnastics.



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