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Was The French Director Agnès Varda Gay? Google Tribute

Renowned as the French New Wave mother, Agnès Varda has made a lasting imprint on world cinema. Yet even after her passing, the internet continues to buzz with discussion about her life, particularly about her sexuality. Was Agnès Varda actually gay?

Agnès Varda was a French film director, photographer, and screenwriter. 

Emerging in the late 1950s, she focused on the French New Wave and produced works addressing realism and poetic storytelling.

Furthermore, Agnès was the first woman to receive an Honorary Palme d’Or at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

She also holds the distinction of being the oldest person to be nominated for a competitive Oscar, becoming the first female director with the prestigious award.

As Google Doodle has paid tribute to the late film director, netizens are curious if Agnès Varda was gay.

Was Agnès Varda Gay? Exploring The Sexuality Of The French Director

Despite her passing, the French director’s sexuality is often the most discussed topic on the internet. 

However, it is important to identify the truth based on supporting evidence. 

So, was Agnès Varda gay? Well, No. The famous screenwriter did not identify herself as gay.

Agnès Varda Gay
No, Agnès Varda was not gay. (Source: University Of Guelph)

While many people still suspect Agnès Varda is gay, this is just a rumor, as there is no proof to prove this claim.

Throughout the course of her life, Agnès identified herself as a straight woman.

Moreover, her companionship with other straight men further solidifies her heterosexuality.

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Was Agnès Varda In A Relationship? Her Dating Timeline

Throughout her life, fans frequently associated Agnès’ name with many prominent figures in the industry of that time.

Throughout her life, she married twice and celebrated motherhood too.

She tied the knot with Jacques Demy, a French director just like her, in 1962.

The couple met each other for the first time in 1958 in Tours at a short film festival and moved in together in 1959. 

Agnès was a mother to two children: a daughter named Rosalie Varda and a son named Mathieu Demy. 

Agnès Varda Relationship
Agnès Varda married a famous French director. (Source: Facebook)

Rosalie was born from the union of Agnès and her previous husband, actor Antoine Bourseiller.

Meanwhile, Mathieu was her and Jacques’s son. Moreover, despite her divorce from the actor, she officially adopted her daughter.

Jacques and Agnès were a powerful couple at the time.

Being from the same field and sharing the same professional inclination, the couple became popular with their union, and people often spotted them wandering in the streets together. 

Google Doodle Tribute To Agnès Varda’s Cinematic Journey

The face of French cinema died from cancer at the age of 90 on March 29, 2019.

Thus, upon her death, acknowledging her contributions to the cinematic realm, Google Doodle paid tribute through an illustration dedicated to her lifetime achievements.

The tribute was done on Wednesday, December 12, 2023, as she got the title of Lifetime Achievement by the European Film Academy on this day in 2014.

Throughout her life, Agnès achieved some remarkable milestones in her career. 

Despite being born in Belgium as a Greek refugee from Asia Minor, she possessed a profound passion for photography and art. 

Agnès Varda Tribute
Google Doodle paid tribute to Agnès Varda. (Source: The Telegraph)

Thus, she left Belgium with her family for Sete to quench this thirst. This was the time of World War II when she even had to live in a boat.  

However, overcoming the challenges, Agnès graduated from Lycee et College Victor-Duruy with a bachelor’s degree in literature and psychology from the Sorbonne.

Displaying a feminine approach in her movies, she made the first move for the French New Wave, La Pointe Courte, which marked the beginning of her career.

Moreover, her movies, such as The Gleaners and I, Cleo From 5 to 7, Vagabond, and Faces Places, are considered one of the greatest works in world cinema.

Despite her death, she is still remembered for the legacy she left behind for the younger generations.

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