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[One Piece] Is Temuera Morrison Akainu Live Action? Official Or Rumor

After the announcement made to the characters of the live-action One Piece, fans are now confused about who will be playing the role of Akainu.

Temuera Derek Morrison was born in Rotorua, New Zealand, in 1960 and is of Māori descent.

His acting career began in the early 1980s, appearing in several New Zealand television shows.

However, he is best known for his roles as Jango Fett and Boba Fett in the Star Wars franchise.

Morrison made his film debut in 1988 with the film Never Say Die. In 1994, Morrison starred in the film Once Were Warriors, which won the New Zealand Film Award for Best Film.

In addition, Morrison has also starred in films such as Moana, Aquaman, and Once Were Warriors.

[One Piece] Is Temuera Morrison Akainu Live Action?

Akainu is a complex and popular character in the One Piece universe.

However, he currently serves as the Marines’ Fleet Admiral and is known for his unwavering dedication to justice.

Akainu is a firm believer in absolute justice, and he will stop at nothing to uphold his ideals.

who will play SAKAZUKI AKAINU in live-action remains a mystery for now
Do you know Akainu ate the Mag-Mag Fruit, which turned his entire body into magma? (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, he is also a ruthless and unforgiving character, and he has no qualms about killing those whom he believes to be criminals.

So, fans are expecting to see someone with a strong, ruthless persona and a commanding aura fill the shoes of the role of Akainu in live-action.

Then came the name Temuera Derek Morrison, the New Zealand actor whom fans deemed perfect as Akainu.

Fans find his physical appearance of Morrison just right for the live-action Akainu in the One Piece series.

In addition, Akainu is based on the real-life figure of Admiral Hyōgoku, a high-ranking official in the Japanese Navy during World War II.

He is famous for his ruthlessness and his willingness to sacrifice anything to achieve victory.

actor Temuera Morrison
Fans got to see Temuera Morrison in the recent live-action series of Ashoka, episode 5. (Source: Instagram)

And many One Piece fans believe the actor will bring justice to the character Akainu in the live-action series.

However, some fans also refuse to agree and do not see Morrison fit as Akainu.

Nevertheless, the debate about Morrison playing Akainu is buzzing up and creating a long discussion in the fanbase.

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Is It Official Temuera Morrison Is Playing Akainu? The Truth

In January 2023, someone leaked the rumor online and began circulating that Temuera Morrison had been cast as Akainu in the upcoming live-action.

Furthermore, the casting call was for a major character in the series, and the description of the character matched Akainu’s appearance and personality.

Again, the rumors quickly spread among One Piece fans, and many were excited about the possibility of Temuera Morrison playing Akainu.

Netflix has not verified the casting call that sparked the rumors, nor have they commented on them.

Temuera Morrison in Star War themed Jacket.
Temuera Morrison was promoting a Columbia Star War-themed Jacket. (Source: Instagram)

Fans have mixed feelings about the unconfirmed rumor of Temuera Morrison as Akainu.

The possibility of Morrison playing Akainu in live-action divides fans.

While some are excited about the news, some fans seem unconvinced.

Some fans believe that Morrison is too old to play Akainu, who is in his early 40s in the manga and anime.

Temuera Morrison with his son.
Temuera Morrison with Jason Momoa and his son on Aquaman premier. (Source: Instagram)

Despite the varied reactions, many fans are eager to see if the rumors are true, and they are looking forward to seeing Morrison play Akainu in the live-action series.

As Akainu is a complex and popular character, Morrison will need to bring his A-game to the role.

Akainu is in his early 40s in the manga and anime, while Morrison is currently 61 years old.

As of now, it is important to note that Morrison has a good physical condition, and he has the acting chops to pull off the role.

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