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Who Is Al Kreischer, Bert Kreischer Dad? Wikipedia And Age

Bert Kreischer dad has been the fan’s concern. Here is everything on A.I. Wikipedia and age details in the below article. 

Al Kreischer is famously known as the father of the American stand-up comedian and podcaster Bert Kreischer, who has established a name for himself in the entertainment world.

Further, Al’s son Bert is known for his energetic and often outrageous comedic style and his storytelling abilities.

He gained significant fame for his story about being labeled The Machine during a college trip to Russia.

Apart from that, it later turned into a successful stand-up routine and a popular podcast episode.

Besides getting into the spotlight for his professional life, the comedian often gets into the public eye for his personal matters.

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Who Is Al Kreischer, Bert Kreischer Dad?

AI Kreischer is the father of Bert Kreischer, with whom he shares a good bond. There is no doubt that A.I. has supported his son since the beginning of his career.

Despite being the father of a well-known personality, A.I. prefers to avoid media prominence. However, he has appeared in some social media posts of Bert.

Bert Kreischer father
Bert Kreischer shares a photo with his father AI Kreischer on Father’s Day. (Source: Instagram)

On February 28, 2019, Bert posted a video on Instagram promoting his upcoming events where he appeared with his dad.

He captioned the video, “Ladies and gentlemen… my dad, Al Kreischer!!! #BodyShotsWorldTour.”

In one of his events, Bert performed on the stage, and his dad AI surprised the comedian. It was a special moment for him, so the comedian decided to share the clip on his I.G. account.

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AI Kreischer Wikipedia and Biography

AI Kreischer is the loving dad of renowned comedian Bert Kreischer. No details related to his personal and professional life are accessible in the media.

He just came into the public eye for being the father of Bert. Furthermore, Bert has talked about his father in some interviews, and it has been said that A.I. worked as a real estate attorney.

AI Kreischer Wikipedia
Bert Kreischer loves spending quality time with his close ones. (Source: Instagram)

Considering this fact, A.I. worked pretty well as an attorney in the real estate world. Additionally, A.I. married his wife Gege Kreischer, but their wedding details remain mysterious.

The Kreischer couple have remained together for a long time and raised a happy family.

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AI Kreischer Age: How Old Is Bert Kreischer Dad?

The actual age of AI Kreischer remains unclear as the media sources have not given anything related to his birth. In the same way, A.I. has not talked anything about his early life in public sources.

Once, his son, Bert, mentioned that his dad grew up in Levittown, L.I., in the first tract housing built for G.I. A.I.’s father reportedly had stormed the beaches of Omaha and died when he was young.

Bert Kreischer dad
AI Kreischer has a good bond with his son, and he shared a video on his Facebook account. (Source: Facebook)

No more about A.I.’s family background is accessible in the online portals. However, it has been said that A.I. had to raise himself.

Apart from that, A.I. married his wife Gege, and they reportedly went on to have three kids: Bert, Annie, and Kottie. No more details about the duo’s other kids are shared in the media. 

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