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Alabama Football: Is Tony Mitchell Hair Real? Long Hairstyle – How Did He Grow His Hair

People are curious to learn if Tony Mitchell hair is natural or not. Explore more about the player’s long hairstyle. 

Last Wednesday in Florida, Mitchell was taken into custody and charged with possessing marijuana. 

Along with Tony, Christopher Lewis was also arrested and was charged with carrying a concealed firearm without a permit.

After the first practice of the 2023 spring season, Alabama football’s head coach Nick Saban announced that Tony Mitchell, a freshman defensive back, had been suspended from the team.

The Police discovered $7,000 in cash, 226 grams of marijuana, and a loaded gun in a black Dodge Challenger during a search.

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Alabama Football: Is Tony Mitchell Hair Real?

Many football fans were often curious to learn if Tony’s hair was natural. He is known for his curly locks and long hairstyle. 

Based on the visual evidence available on the internet, it appears that Mitchell’s hair is indeed natural and that he has not altered it in any significant way other than braiding it.

Mitchell has not publicly talked about his hair; he has not confirmed whether his hair is natural or fake. 

He has long, curly hair styled into braids, an everyday hairstyle for many African-American men. Mitchell’s hair appears healthy, with no visible signs of hair extensions or other hair treatments.

Clear picture of Tony Mitchell current hairstyle.
A clear picture of Tony Mitchell’s current hairstyle. (Image Source: 247 Sports)

Mitchell’s hair is a distinctive and natural feature that has become part of his public image as a former football player and coach.

Also, many people might get confused about his hairstyle, as he has often been seen with braids on and has not to changed his hairstyle in a long time. 

Long Hairstyle: How Did Tony Mitchell Grow His Hair?

If you want to grow long hair, the main thing required is patience, dedication, and proper hair care.

The football player has not revealed any secret of having a long hairstyle, and he has not changed his hairstyle for more than five years.

People have commented that Mitchell’s long hairstyle suits him, and people like him keeping his hairstyle long. 

It’s also worth noting that genetics can play a role in hair growth and length, and some individuals may simply have an easier time growing long hair than others.

Also, we cannot confirm the exact reason for his hair growth, as he has chosen not to share anything regarding his hair in public. 

Mitchell’s long, braided hairstyle has become a recognizable part of his public image, and he has maintained this hairstyle for a significant period without any noticeable changes.

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Tony Mitchell Net Worth Before Arrest 

Many sources have revealed different net worth, as the player has kept his net worth a secret. 

According to the source, his current updated net worth is between $1 million to $2 million. 

Mitchell’s primary source of income during his active football career was his contract with the University of Alabama.

Tony Mitchell, a freshman football player for the University of Alabama, was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana.
Tony Mitchell, a freshman football player for the University of Alabama, was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. (Image Source: New York Post)

However, his legal troubles and suspension from the team may have impacted his ability to earn income through football in the future.

Professional football players typically earn most of their income from their contracts with their respective teams.

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