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Life Of Young Alan Hamel Before Fame: A Walk Down Memory Lane

We all know the popular TV show host Alan Hamel, who is popular for his charismatic personality on screen. He, however, did not always live a life of fame. Let’s explore Alan Hamel young days to know more.

Alan Hamel is a very popular Canadian producer, actor, writer, and TV personality born in the year 1936, June 15.

Among many of his works, one he is mostly famous for is co-hosting the show Razzle Dazzle, a Canadian children’s TV series.

Alan’s journey in Television began at a very young age, and his life before fame is quite interesting to look back at.

Before Alan Hamel got his name paved into the list of ‘TV biggies,’ he lived a life with many ups and downs as a young man.

Young Alan Hamel: Journey from Aspiring Student to Television Sensation

Hamel was a student at Ryerson University, where he took his first step into the world of television by pursuing television arts.

Alan Hamel often says in his interviews that there was something about the television world that always made him wonder when he was young.

He says that while he was growing up, the people he saw on TV always left him fascinated and wanting to be like them.

Alan Hamel Young
Alan is one of the most famous faces in Canada from the 1970s.

However, he did not complete his degree in television arts because he did not enjoy it.

Instead, he went on to have first-hand experience on TV by actually being a part of it.

It was after a lot of struggle that he finally got a really big project to host, ‘Razzle Dazzle.’

Razzle Dazzle became a game changer for Alan and began his journey.

The show turned Alan Hamel into one of the most iconic young TV personalities in Canada.

The show, while it ran from 1961 to 1964, got extremely popular.

Many other producers saw his potential through that show, which led them to pursue him for bigger future projects.

Young Alan Hamel
Alan’s Alpha Beta commercials were extremely popular.

Many might not know this, but before his fame and his long-lasting marriage with Suzanne, he had already married once.

His first marriage was with Marilyn Sharpio, which took place in the year 1958.

The couple started facing problems in their marriage as both Alan Hamel and Marilyn were still very Young.

After spending a decade and more with each other, which led them parted ways in 1971.

Alan Hamel’s Unconventional Path To Fame And Stardom

Alan’s life took a surprising turn when he met Suzanne Somers in the year 1969.

Alan was working as a host for the show ‘Anniversary Game’ where Suzanne was a ‘price model.’

Little did they know that the encounter would result in such a long-lasting relationship.

After spending 10 long years with each other, they finally made their relationship official.

Their wedding took place in front of a rabbi officiator and a catholic priest.

Alan and Suzanne Somars
Alan and Suzanne always were so good-looking together.

Alan was doing a lot of shows during the 60s, but it was only in the 1970s that he saw huge fame.

He was given a chance to host his own daytime talk show, ‘The Alan Hamel Show.’ on the channel CTV.

This new job got him the title of ‘Canada’s leading TV talk show host’ by People magazine.

It was during the same time in the 70s when he got his first hosting job outside Canada.

He was a host for the show ‘People,’ a hit television series on CBS.

After his huge rise in fame, he was now able to earn through various commercial endorsements.

His advertisements for Alpha Beta stores in the western United States are still very popular.

Later in his life, Alan Hamel, with all his experiences, became a TV producer himself and also started acting.

Alan’s projects would often involve his wife, Suzanne Somers, making them an iconic duo.

Sadly, in October of 2023, Suzanne lost her life, marking the end of a beautiful love story.

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