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Broadcaster: Is Alan Jones Gay Rumors True? Relationship With Jake Thrupp

The Australian former radio broadcaster, Alan Jones gay rumors have been the topic of concern lately. Fans are captivated to know Jones relationship with Jake Thrupp.

Alan Jones is a famous radio broadcaster based in Australia. Besides, he was also the coach of the Australia national rugby union team and rugby league coach and administrator. 

Throughout his career, Alan has also worked as a school teacher and Alan was also a speech writer in the office of Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, and in musical theatre.

Further, Jones was trained as a teacher as soon as he finished school. The former radio broadcaster was also awarded the Rostrum Speakers’ Award as the Communicator of the Year. 

Due to his active work in this field, he has also earned many well-wishers. Apart from his professional career many are searching for his romantic life and are questioning his sexual orientation. 

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Broadcaster: Is Alan Jones Gay Rumors True?

Alan Jones gay rumors jas grabbed the attention of many and the news has been shared all over the media sources lately. 

So talking about Alan’s sexual orientation, Jones has never shared any facts about it openly on the media sources. Although has openly spoken about the issue of homosexuality.

Similarly, the biography of Alan Jones titled Jonestown: The Power and The Myth of Alan Jones was written by Chris Masters.

Alan Jones Gay
Alan Jones is not gay but the topic related to his sexuality has left many people confused. (Source: The Guardian)

The biography also deals with part of Jones’s sexuality, and it suggests that Jones is homosexual. The book was also nominated for the 2006 Douglas Stewart Prize for Non-Fiction. 

No doubt Jones has shown his true concern regarding the ongoing issues that homosexuals, transgender and gay people are facing and he has also seen talking in favor of them in multiple interviews. 

At the same the Alan was also seen ignoring the questions about his sexuality as a caller on The Jones Show questioned his sexuality. “Alan, are you a homosexual?”

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All About Alan Jones Relationship With Jake Thrupp 

Alan Jones and Jake Thrupp relationship has garnered huge public attention. It’s been a while since everyone on the internet is eager to know more about their relationship.

Multiple online sources have also mentioned Alan as the boyfriend of Jake. Due to that, netizens got confused and started speculating that they were having an affair.

However, there is no fact about Alan and Jake having a romantic affair. It appears that the rumors circulated without any truth.

Alan Jones and Jake
Alan Jones and Jake Thrupp first met Jones at Young Liberal events and have had a good bond since then. (Source: Daily Mail)

Thrupp first met Jones at Young Liberal events. At that time, they became family friends during the broadcaster’s regular Gold Coast stays for the Magic Millions.

Once Jake also talked about his relationship with Alan. Jones was described as one of the most generous mentors an aspiring broadcaster and a Liberal politician.

Jake said Jones could have and is keen to set the record directly concerning some vagaries circulating in the media. Considering this fact, it can be confirmed that Alan and Jake have a good bond with each other.

More updates about this topic may be shared in the future. 

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