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Aleasha Sullivan Death Cause: Died From Blood Clots on Her Lungs

The autopsy conducted on Aleasha Sullivan’s body revealed that her cause of death was pulmonary thromboembolism.

In a tragic incident, a mother and her on-off boyfriend were found dead on the same day in their home in Holcombe, Devon. The 32-year-old woman, Aleasha Sullivan, was discovered behind the front door of the House, and her 30-year-old boyfriend, Josh Sandercock, was found dead on the sofa. 

While initial concerns were raised for Aleasha’s welfare, both deaths were later determined to be from natural causes. 

An inquest into their deaths was held, which revealed that Aleasha had blood clots on her lungs, and toxicology reports showed that she had taken drugs, but they were not the cause of her death. 

This unfortunate incident has left the family and friends of both individuals grieving and searching for answers.

Aleasha Sullivan Death Cause: Blood Clots In Her Lungs

Following the tragic deaths of Aleasha Sullivan and her partner, a forensic pathologist from the Home Office was called in to perform an autopsy on Aleasha’s body. 

The tweet by The Daily Record reports that Aleasha Sullivan and Joshua Sandercock both died from separate medical issues. (Source: Twitter)

The findings from the examination revealed that Aleasha had died from pulmonar thromboembolism. It is a serious condition when a blood clot travels from another part of the body and gets lodged in the arteries that supply blood to the lungs.

This condition can cause a blockage of blood flow and lead to serious complications such as heart failure, respiratory failure, or even death. 

The presence of a blood clot in Aleasha’s lungs would have made it difficult for her to breathe and could have caused severe discomfort and pain.

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In addition to the blood clot, needle marks were found on Aleasha’s body, and toxicology tests confirmed that she had taken heroin before her death. 

Aleasha Sullivan Troubled Life History

Assistant Coroner for South Devon, Mike Bird, addressed the family and acknowledged that the conclusion of the investigation may have been surprising given the initial speculation that the two deaths were linked. 

However, after a detailed investigation, there was no evidence to suggest that Aleasha Sullivan’s death was anything other than a wholly natural cause.

Aleasha’s medical history, which included drug dependency, mental health issues, and clotting problems in her legs, can be exacerbated by intravenous drug use. 

Furthermore, the inquest heard that Aleasha had faced numerous social and family challenges in her lifetime, including exposure to drugs, violence, and abusive behavior.

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Despite her struggles, Aleasha engaged with support services and was motivated to improve her situation and overcome her problems. 

Young Couple Found Dead Together

The deaths of Aleasha and Joshua have revealed that the couple died independently of each other from natural causes, making their deaths a “very rare” case.

According to the tweet, the couple were found dead in the same house on the same day. (Source: Twitter)

While Aleasha died from natural causes related to blood clots in her lungs, Joshua had taken methadone, which may have contributed to respiratory failure in a man suffering from pneumonia. 

Both individuals had been dead for some time before they were discovered by officers who had been called to the House after Aleasha had not been seen for nine days. 

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This tragic incident has left their family and friends in mourning as they try to come to terms with the unexpected loss of their loved ones.


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