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MSNBC: Is Ali Vitali Pregnant With Partner Jeremy Diamond? Baby Bump or Weight Gain

Ali Vitali Pregnant news is trending as some people noticed a bit of weight gain on the MSNBC Journalist. Here’s what we know.

Ali Vitali is an American Journalist, television analyst, and author. She has been working at N.B.C. since joining the team in 2015. For a year, Vitali was a White House Digital Reporter.

Likewise, Vitali worked as a Political Reporter from March 2018 to January 2021. Since then, Vitali has been working as a correspondent at the station.

Before that, Vitali worked in other renowned stations and gained broad experience. In the past, Vitali also covered the Donald Trump 2016 presidential Campaign.

MSNBC: Is Ali Vitali Pregnant With Partner Jeremy Diamond?

No, MSNBC Journalist Ali Vitali is not pregnant, but fans are speculating that she is expecting her child with her partner Jeremy Diamond.

None of Ali’s social media posts hints at the Journalist being a mother. So, it can be said that the topic of her pregnancy just came into the media without any facts.

Ali Vitali Pregnant
Ali Vitali talked about abortion in one of her tweets made on September 30, 2021. ( Source: Twitter )

Apart from that, Vitali has openly talked about pregnancy and abortion on many platforms, due to which fans may have been converted about it.

In April 2023, Vitali talked about how abortion advocates are continuing to sound the alarm on the issue as digital footprints are being used to prosecute people in the post-Roe era.

Due to that, people may have got curious to know about Vitali getting pregnant. So, as of now, there is no news of the Journalist expecting her first child.

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Ali Vitali Baby Bump or Weight Gain

With the news of her pregnancy, Ali Vitali’s followers speculate she may have a baby bump or have gained weight. As we have already confirmed, Vitali is not pregnant.

Following the pregnancy rumors, some claimed she may have been seen in a public place with a baby bump. But there is no truth, as Vitali is not pregnant.

Ali Vitali Weight Gain
Many people have claimed that Ali Vitali have gained weight than in the past. ( Source: Instagram )

Furthermore, the Journalist may have gained some weight, and due to that, the topic of her pregnancy may have come into the media. 

We can find Vitali on Instagram as @alivitali, and in some of her images, she can be seen a bit differently than in the past. Due to that reason, her weight gain news has also become a hot topic lately.

Despite all the rumors regarding Vitali’s pregnancy and weight gain, she has not opened up her mouth yet. So, none of the rumors can be confirmed.

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A Look at Ali Vitali Relationship With Jeremy Diamond

Ali Vitali is not married, but the Journalist is said to be in a happy relationship with her partner Jeremy Diamond. It has been reported that Ali and Jeremy began dating each other in 2015.

Since then, the pair have been together, but many rumors are claiming that they may have split. The lovely couple mainly prefers a low-key life and stays away from the media.

Ali Vitali Jeremy Diamond
Ali Vitali and her partner Jeremy Diamond have been dating since 2015. ( Source: Tuko News )

Due to their lowkey nature, online detectives assumed they were no longer together. But the verified news regarding Ali’s separation from Jeremy has not been updated yet. 

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