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Ally Lotti Wikipedia, Age, Tattoo: How Old Is Juice Wrld Ex?

Recently, Ally Lotti became the talk of the town after revealing her plans to release her leaks on OnlyFans. With that, netizens were curious about the influencer, resulting in an increased search for the Wikipedia of Ally Lotti.

Ally Lotti, originally Alicia L. Leon, is a well-known American social media influencer and model.

She is a big name in the entertainment scene whose prominence grew in 2018 after her relationship with rapper Juice WRLD.

Further, Lotti was in the spotlight even after the rapper’s untimely death as she suggested foul play in his demise.

Besides such events, the influencer has a significant following and is recognized for engaging content.

Considering her multifaceted career, many have looked for the Wikipedia of Ally Lotti to learn more about her early life.

Ally Lotti Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is Juice Wrld Ex?

Fans of Juice WRLD only know about Ally Lotti after her romantic link with the late rapper.

However, this article brings details about the background of Ally Lotti, filling the gap of her missing Wikipedia.

Born on May 28, 1993, Ally Lotti grew up in a simple neighborhood in South Jersey.

Further, the 30-year-old media personality comes from a mixed ethnical race as her father is black and her mother is Puerto Rican.

Ally Lotti wearing sunglasses
Lotti often posts about her late boyfriend. (Source: Instagram)

Moving to her educational status, Lotti moved to Hanceville, Alabama, at 17 and studied at the University of Alabama.

During an interview, the influencer revealed that she did many odd jobs after completing her studies.

Moreover, Lotti has experience as a bartender before turning to a wider audience on the internet.

She often posts modeling shots, lifestyle pictures, and behind-the-scenes videos on social media.

Similarly, the renowned media personality was once linked to the clothing brand Fashion Nova.

In addition to such endeavors, Lotti’s an adult entertainer who shares exclusive content on OnlyFans.

Ally Lotti cuddling with Juice WRLD
Lotti went through a miscarriage after the rapper’s death. (Source: Instagram)

During her relationship with Juice WRLD, the model was featured in several of his songs, such as Into the Abyss and Trippie Redd: Tell Me U Luv Me.

However, Ally Lotti has also been tangled in several legal issues, another notable section for her future Wikipedia.

In January 2023, she was in the company of Carter Jamison when charged with shoplifting and possessing illegal substances.

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Ally Lotti’s Tattoo: Did She Remove Juice WRLD’s Inks?

In addition to the curiosity about her Wikipedia, netizens wonder about the tattoo of Ally Lotti.

Ally Lotti has tattoos on her arms and has more than 10 pieces all over her body.

Among her many tattoos, few hold a special place in the influencer’s life, as they were dedicated to her late boyfriend.

Lotti has a Juice WRLD tattoo, Jarad, on her thigh and another on her foot.

Ally Lotti flaunting her tattoos
Lotti inked matching tattoos with Juice WRLD. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, the influencer has the rapper’s handwriting on her chest and neck and 999 on her wrist to match his.

Months after Juice WRLD’s death, rumors surfaced that she had removed the tattoo dedicated to the rapper.

However, the claims were debunked when the recent pictures showcased the inks in their original state.

Meanwhile, Lotti does not shy away from flaunting her other work of art on her body.

The model has an inscription on her hands in addition to asymmetrical shapes and a sunflower.

Similarly, the tattoos showcase Lottie’s creative nature and also hint at her fondness for keeping memories.

Ally posing in a sunst
Lotti faced criticism after starting her OnlyFans account. (Source: Instagram)

Lotti also has a crescent moon on her neck, which might be another symbol of her feminine side.

Likewise, the numerous tattoos on her left leg range from a flower to a girl in a box, highlighting Lotti’s experimental nature.

All the tattoos add to the appearance of the influencer and fit her personality perfectly.

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