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Who Is Amanda Eller Husband? Makawao Forest Lost Hiker Found!

With the increasing popularity of the survival story of Amanda Eller in the Makawao forest, many have shifted their attention toward her personal life, surging the details, including her husband.

Amanda Eller is a physical therapist and a yoga instructor based in Kihei, Hawaii.

She became prominent following her missing news and rescue in the Makawao Forest Reserve in May 2019.

Since then, her story of survival, one she calls the spiritual journey to stay alive, has captivated a worldwide audience.

Additionally, her 17-day-long journey into the Forest and the rescue undertaken to search for her is considered one of the heroic efforts.

Moreover, as the story of Amanda reached a broad audience, it inspired many eventually making them keenly interested in her personal life.

As a result, many went online to search for the family details of Amanda Eller including her husband.

Who Is Amanda Eller Husband? Married Life And Relationship

With the increasing popularity of survival, people often get curious to know more about their personal lives and family.

Similarly, at the moment, the 35-year-old survivor, Amanda Eller, has started making headlines, drawing her husband into the limelight as well.

Amanda Eller, a native of Hawaii, gained worldwide attention after surviving 17 days in a Hawaiian jungle.

Amanda Eller captured with flower on her ear.
Amanda Eller has a boyfriend named, Benjamin Konkol . (Source: Facebook)

Although of her heartwarming journey in the wild, little is known about her personal life.

Meanwhile, there has been no recent development in the information related to the married life and husband of Amanda Eller.

However, during her rescue operation, a guy named Benjamin Konkol did come out, mentioning himself as her boyfriend.

He also has an active involvement in the search team for Amanda and believed she was still alive until the day of her rescue.

Despite these claims during her rescue, the further details of her boyfriend never came into public.

But, based on her social media profiles, Amanda doesn’t seem to be married to her boyfriend, Ben, to date.

Amanda Eller captured meditating.
Amanda’s current relationship with her boyfriend, Benjamin is uncertain. (Source: Facebook)

Although looking at Ben’s support during Amanda’s rescue, the couple might still share an unmarried relationship together.

However, the statement is just based on speculations and might vary until official confirmation from Amanda emerges.

Until then, according to the available information, we can consider Amanda an unmarried woman living by her own will.

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Details On Amanda Eller’s Survival Story

The heartwarming survival story of Amanda began on May 8, 2019, after she left on a short hike through the Makawao Forrest trial.

She left her white Toyota RAV4 with the keys under the driver’s side wheel at the trailhead and went on a three-mile hike inside the forest.

But what seemed like a short hike eventually turned into a journey of unexpected challenges into the forest.

Amanda captured during her rescue.
Amanda was rescued at 17th day. (Source: New York Post)

As Amanda went off the path for a short rest, she turned around and soon realized she lost her path in the 2000 acres of dense forest.

Then, she started her journey into the wilderness, which took her on a journey filled with multiple challenges for 17 long days.

After that, her family realized about her disappearance, and then they informed the authorities and began looking after her.

With more than a thousand volunteers scouring the jungle, every one of them failed for the first 16 days.

Fortunately, on the 17th day, a rescue team found Amanda with a broken leg and multiple injuries.

And they rescued her. Then after, media covered the journey of Amanda through the rough conditions which left everyone amazed.

Moreover, her story turned out to be an inspirational journey for many, making her the center of attention for many weeks.

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