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Amanda Eller Wikipedia: Where Is The Hiker Lost In Maui Now?

After her remarkable survival story and advocacy efforts, Amanda Eller fans show massive interest in her personal life and whereabouts, eventually prompting the search for her Wikipedia page.

Amanda Eller, a 35-year-old physical therapist and yoga instructor, gained fame for her remarkable survival tale in the Makawao Forest Reserve on Maui, Hawaii.

On May 8, 2019, Eller went on a three-mile hike but lost her way, spending a daunting 17 days alone in the wilderness.

After that, Eller’s family organized a search that involved rallying more than a hundred volunteers.

She survived by relying on her instincts and staying close to water sources.

After discovering her in the forest, veteran pilot Pete Voresh and crews airlifted Amanda Eller to safety.

As such, netizens have become eager to get information concerning the personal life of Amanda Eller, causing them to check her details on Wikipedia.

Amanda Eller Wikipedia: Where Is The Hiker Lost In Maui Now?

Despite her notable survival story and advocacy efforts, Amanda Eller doesn’t have a well-dedicated Wikipedia.

So, we have come up with some information about Amanda Eller that can be used in her future Wikipedia article.

Amanda Eller was born on November 4, 1983, in Mechanicsville, Maryland, in the USA.

Her remarkable experience has propelled her into an influential figure in the survival field, widely recognized as a leader.

Amanda Eller taking selfie while hiking
The rescue of Amanda Eller stands as a testament to the power of perseverance. (Source: Instagram)

As an experienced physical therapist and a yoga instructor, Eller’s highlights and life targets are health and outdoor affinity.

She has always loved nature and often found solace in the beauty of the Hawaiian islands through activities like hiking in the Makawao Forest Reserve.

This led to her being stranded for 17 days in the forest, but luckily, the rescuers found her alive with injuries including fractures, sunburns, and dehydration.

Following her rescue, she advocated for increased awareness and readiness for outdoor activities. She also motivated others to stay prepared when venturing into nature.

Amanda Eller posing for a camera
Amanda Eller has also been a Jacobs Social Entrepreneur Fellow. (Source: Instagram)

After that, Eller’s remarkable story and recovery journey, which personified grit and will, generated broad media coverage and public curiosity.

Regarding her personal life, reports indicated that Eller engaged in a romantic relationship with Benjamin Konkol. The two met while living in Hawaii.

As for her current whereabouts, she, at the moment, is enjoying her family life somewhere in the United States, most possibly in Maryland.

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Career Details Of Amanda Eller

Amanda Eller, a licensed physical therapist and yoga instructor, embarked on a broad career path shaped by her passion for integrated health practices.

Firstly, after she graduated from Maryland school, Eller started working in laboratories in Florida.

She also served as a senior advisor at BP, overseeing the development of engineers’ discipline and improving their technical and leadership abilities.

Moreover, she also taught different approaches like manual therapy, kinesiotaping, and spinal manipulation.

Amanda Eller in jungle
Amanda Eller gained widespread recognition after her dramatic rescue. (Source: Instagram)

Further, Eller’s connection to Hawaii, her cherished “Home,” influenced her career trajectory, prompting her to complete yoga teacher training.

She stresses yoga’s benefits for injury prevention, offering private sessions and teaching at Afterglow Yoga Studio.

Nonetheless, she enjoys diving, paddle boarding, and hiking, reflecting her deep respect for nature and its benefits.

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