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Amber Hagerman Parents: Where Are Richard Hagerman And Donna Williams? Murder Case Update

People are searching for Amber Hagerman’s Parents as the murder case hasn’t been solved after 25 years.

Amber Hagerman, a 9-year-old girl from Arlington, Texas, was abducted and killed in 1996.

Her story drew international attention and spurred a nationwide push to develop the Amber Alert system, which promptly alerts the public about missing and kidnapped children.

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Over 900 children have been rescued thanks to the Amber Alert system. However, it has been chastised for sending out too many non-life-threatening notifications.

Amber Hagerman Parents: Where Are Richard Hagerman And Donna Williams?

Her Father, Richard Hagerman, and mother, Donna Williams, lost their daughter on January 13, 1996, as Amber rode her bicycle around Arlington, Texas’s abandoned grocery store’s parking lot.

As 1995 came to a close and 1996 began, her parents divorced, with the children living with Donna. 

Amber Hagerman Parents
Amber Hagerman, Mother Donna Williams (source: The CBS News)

Amber’s Father, Richard Hagerman, died in 2007 while seeking answers and closure for his daughter’s death.

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He allegedly suffered from alcohol addiction, which he saw as a coping technique for Amber’s death, and had difficulty finding work following her murder.

Amber’s mother has opted to maintain a low profile and avoid public scrutiny. She married again and went on with her life.

However, in a 2018 interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, she revealed that she still thinks about Amber every day and that the agony of her loss never goes away.

The Amber Alert system was established in 1996 to remember Amber’s memory and to remind her parents that the search for Amber’s kidnapper would not cease until he was apprehended. 

On the 25th anniversary of her death, Amber’s mother spoke in her place of kidnapping in 2021.

“I beg the media and the public to keep the focus on finding the killer and putting him to justice on this 25th anniversary of Amber’s kidnapping,” Donna said at the time, according to the group.

Amber Hagerman Murder Case Update

According to the Associated Press, four days after Amber’s kidnapping, a guy walking his dog in a stream mere kilometers from the murder scene discovered her corpse.

Her cause of death was determined to be death, being cut wounds to the neck. Amber’s killer has yet to be apprehended, and local authorities are investigating the case.

Amber Hagerman Parents
Amber Hagerman with her mother (source: The GoodhouseKeeping)

According to authorities, a self-service laundry in the same parking lot was packed at the time of Amber’s kidnapping, but many of them were in the country illegally and fled when they saw the patrol vehicles come.

Police attempted to use the prize as an incentive, promising that no one would be deported – a promise they reassured the community with – but no one ever came forward with information.

The case stunned the community and drew widespread media attention. 

After the tragedy, radio and television stations in the Dallas-Fort Worth region began freely airing information about missing and abducted children under the banner “Amber Alert,” with the broadcasts labeled as such.

 The system rapidly extended to other parts of Texas and other states, and the U.S. Department of Justice finally established it as a countrywide program.

Aftermath Of Amber Hagerman Murder Case 

Amber’s abduction and murder prompted the establishment of the AMBER Alert System, which stands for “America’s Missing Broadcast Emergency Response,” in 2000.

The Dallas Amber Plan was established in 1997 before it became law.

It enables law enforcement and the media to instantly share information about an abduction while also asking the public to help with the child’s return. 

Diana Simone, a Fort Worth mother, came up with the idea for the system. 

She’d phoned a local radio station, wondering why broadcasters issued severe weather alerts but not those for a kidnapped child.

Along with generating the AMBER Alert, it also created the Amber Hagerman Child Protection Act, which changed the Federal criminal law to “apply prohibitions and penalties for severe sexual abuse of a child under age 12.


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