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Who Is Amjad Islam Amjad Wife Firdous Amjad? Meet His Kids And family

Amjad Islam Amjad wife, Firdous, is mourning her husband’s death, who passed away from a heart attack at aged 78.

Amjad Islam was a notable poet, lyricist, and Drama writer. Similarly, the poet was the author of forty books and won several awards for his amazing writing. 

Islam books are not just famous in his country; most books are also translated into other countries. Amjad won the Best Writer of PTV award, and his first drama was a hit.

Further, his columns are published in the daily Jang. Being active and talented since his young career, he became an editor in the ninth grade. 

The lyricist had a nature of reading and exploring. He adopted this habit when he was young. As mentioned earlier, he had a learning spirit and traveled abroad to participate in poetry readings. 

Following his active career, he visited more than 15 countries. The Urdu poet was an educator and administrator. He served as the Director and Director General in various organizations. 

Digging more into his writing career, many of his Tv dramas have also won various awards. His fans considered drama as Amjad’s main field because of only one of his dramas, ‘Waris.’

Who Is Amjad Islam Amjad Wife Firdous Amjad?

The poet Amjad Islam was not only successful with his professional career. Besides, he was married to his wife, Firdous, who is also reported to be his cousin. Together with his wife, he was blessed with three kids.

Despite his popularity, Islam never revealed much about his family life. His wife and kids also maintained private life and stayed far away from public premises. 

Amjad Islam Amjad
Amjad Islam Amjad in Chicago during his Urdu poetry. (Source: Alchetron)

Additionally, Amjad seldom talked about his wife; netizens have seen her a few times while attending events and award functions with Islam. 

Due to a lack of information, we have no clue what profession Firdous follows. Firdous is only known for being the wife of the late poet Islam, so she started gaining popularity due to her marital life. 

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Amjad Islam Kids And Family

The late Amjad Islam and his wife, Firdous Amjad, have three kids. All of his kids are well-settled and have started their own families.

While digging more into this family life, one of his daughters is married to comedian Anwar Masood’s son Muhammad Aqib Noor. 

Aqib Noor is a chartered accountant in Islamabad. Amjad’s family was composed of artisans with no tradition of reading and writing.

Although he was a family man and people knew him worldwide, the poet barred his family life behind the curtain. This is why his kids’ names are also missing at this point. 

Amjad Islam Birth Early Career Explored

The writer, Amjad Islam, was born on  August 4, 1944. His birthplace was Lahore in British India. His family was originally from Sialkot.

Amjad spent most of his childhood in his birthplace, where he also completed his secondary education in Lahore and Government Islamia College Civil Lines, Lahore.

In his young career, the poet was a member of the college cricket team. He had an engaging nature from his youth, so Amjad played in the inter-collegiate tournament. 

Amjad Islam Amjad
Amjad Islam Amjad was honored during an award function. (Source: Embassy of Pakistan)

Before starting his career as a lecturer, he graduated from Punjab University and received a degree in master of Arts. Amjad was appointed Director General of the Urdu Science Board in 1998. 

The Literary legend died at the age of 78; the whole world is mourning his death, and fans are shocked to hear the news. According to the sources, he died of a heart attack. 

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