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Amy Winehouse Siblings: Where Is Her Brother Alex Winehouse? Family And Net Worth

People are curious to learn about Amy Winehouse’s siblings. Please know about her brother Alex Winehouse using this article.

Amy Winehouse was a singer and songwriter; she was born on 14 September 1983 and died on 23 July 2011. She died of alcohol and drug poisoning; after her death, her last album, Back to Black, became the UK’s best-selling album of the 21st century. 

Before starting to write a song or release an album, she used to sing in a local jazz club. She was interested in singing from a very young age, and she used to use her brother’s guitar and learn to sing. 

Often people have been curious about her brothers and family after her death. People want to learn more about the Winehouse brother’s Alex information more. 

Amy Winehouse Siblings: Where Is Her Brother Alex Winehouse?

Winehouse was raised with her older brother, Alex Winehouse. Alex was born in 1979, and the family lived in London’s Southgate area. 

Her brother Alex talked about Amy’s death, and he mentioned that her drinking habit was not only the reason behind his death. He noted she had bulimia very severely before her death.

Amy Winehouse's brother says eating disorder caused death.
Amy Winehouse’s brother says eating disorder caused death. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Alex added that if she did not have to eat disordered, she would have been more robust physically and would have survived, he mentioned bulimia was making her weak day by day, and they could feel it at some point.

Her brother wants everyone to see her other side and doesn’t want anyone to blame her for her practice even though she has always been drunk and others have blamed her for it.

Alex is 44 and has been living in London, England. After the interview, where he relieved the truth, viewers have been looking forward to where he has been.

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Amy Winehouse Family: Meet Her Parents, Janis Seaton, And Mitch Winehouse

Winehouse was born into a middle-class family; her Father, Mitch, and mother, Janis, supported her career; they lost their only daughter at the age of 27. 

Mitch worked as a window panel installer; her mother was a pharmacist. Her mother’s health was not in good condition for a long time; she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. 

Amy Winehouse Parents, Janis Seaton, And Mitch Winehouse
Amy Winehouse’s Parents, Janis Seaton, And Mitch Winehouse. (Image Source: Smooth Radio)

Winehouse’s uncle was a professional jazz musician, and she used to connect with him in a different way and as per her interest in music. 

Her parental grandmother was also singing, and she was in a relationship with jazz saxophonist Ronnie Scott.

Winehouse interest went in her maternal side as she got interested in singing like her uncle and grandmother.

The singer shared a great relationship with everyone in her family, and she was sweet and very friendly among everyone.

Amy Winehouse Net Worth Before Death

It was reported that Winehouse had an after-tax value of around $4.7 million, which was sent to her parents after her death. 

Many people were curious to learn about her earnings and net worth at her death, so as per Source, her net worth was $4 million. 

People were fans of her deep vocals and musical mix of soul, jazz, and R&B. Winehouse’s two albums, “Frank” and “Back to Black,” became best-selling albums in Uk history. 

Her fans still go through her music; people mentioned that she would be missed, but her music will forever be with us. 

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