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Andi Abaya Parents: Leizel Abaya And Jom Abaya, Family And Net Worth

Andi Abaya Parents have shared a tight knitted relationship with their daughter and have been supportive of her in her career.

Andi is a Filipino-Chinese entertainer and model who joined the entertainment industry after being a runner-up in the Pinoy Big Brother Connect in 2020. 

She is also known as a television and social media personality who has been posting her content on her Tik Tok account and has been loved by thousands of people.

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Who Are Andi Abaya Parents? Leizel Abaya And Jom Abaya

The television person was born on January 8, 2002, in Paranaque, Metro Manila, Philippines, and according to her date of birth, she is a Capricorn.

Andi Abaya’s parents are Father, Jomini Abaya, and Mother, Leizel L. Abaya, who has supported her child in her career, as reported by famous birthdays.

However, the information related to her parents, like their age, profession, and everyday life, is not revealed to the audiences, which may be to keep their private life private.

Andi Abaya Parents
Andi Abaya Parents, Jomini Abaya and Leizel L. Abaya, and her siblings ( Source: Instagram )

As a parent of an entertainer, they are questioned by many of the viewers and media related to their children, which may be exhausting to some parents.

So, it may also be thy Andrea has kept her parent’s information private and has been successful in doing so till now.

Nevertheless, Abaya’s parents seem to support their child and have encouraged her to follow her dream and have her career. 

Who Are Andi Abaya Family?

As mentioned above, Andi Abaya was born to her parents, Leizel Abaya And Jom Abaya, in Metro Manila, Philippines.

She is blessed with three siblings named Anika, Alec, and Aliyah, with whom she has been growing up since childhood.

But Andi has been a quiet person who does not like sharing her matter with the media and does not love to mix her personal and professional life.

Andi Abaya Siblings
Andi Abaya Siblings, Anika, Alec, and Aliyah, with whom she grew up ( Source: Instagram )

So, she has never revealed any information about her parents and siblings and has successfully kept it private by avoiding all the quires.

A 22 years old, has attended De La Salle Santiago Zobel and was part of the cheerleader, as stated by candy mag.

The television person is also a part of Squad Plus members who make various content on its YouTube channel as a chance to have fun and get their fans to know them better.

The Actor made her first lead role in the film “Caught in the Act” with Joaquin Domagoso, a high school movie where senior students help catch criminals, as reported by peoplaid.

How Much Is Andi Abaya Net Worth?

As no sources have covered information about Andi Abaya’s net worth, she may earn between $500K to $1 million.

As a well-known television personality who is also a Tik Tok star and an Actor, most of her earnings are earned through the entertainment industry.

As a member of Squad Plus and a Tik Tok star with more than 40K followers, she may have been paid well for her content through social media, as stated by famous birthdays.

Also, when the Love in 40 Days cast won a runner-up title in the Pinoy Big Brother Connect of the ABS-CBN entertainment group, she was given a cash prize worth more than a thousand dollars.

Andi Abaya Net Worth
Andi Abaya with the cast member of her series/film “Connected” ( Source: MYX )

Aside from this, she has also earned millions through her YouTube account through her content and the song covers she made from the source candy mag.

Being a well-noted Actor from the Philippines, she has been part of several commercials and a Model for TV ads for brands like Eskinol and Charmee, which may have paid her well throughout time.

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Nevertheless, a 22 years old television person still has a long way to go in the entertainment industry and makes millions of earnings through her hard work and skills.

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