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Andreas Mavroyiannis New Wife Lena Shamoun: His First Wife Kalliopi Efthyvoulou Died Of Cancer

Andreas Mavroyiannis and his new wife, Lena Shamoun, married each other in 2021 after his first wife, Kalliopi Efthyvoulou, died of Cancer in 2014.

He is a diplomat and politician from Cyprus who was previously positioned as Ambassador to the United Nations and several other diplomatic postings. He has served in different positions in governmental sectors, serving the country.

Many people acknowledge and expect his influential works as he held numerous positions throughout the election. In 2023, he is running in the Cypriot presidential election.

He set his candidacy as independent, backed by the Progressive Party of Working People and Generation Change.

During this time, he won during his first half while getting defeated in the second half and may shortly come back again.

Andreas Mavroyiannis New Wife, Lena Shamoun: Explore His Relationship

Andreas Mavroyiannis is a professional figure, yet many people search for his personal whereabouts due to his popularity. His relationship status and question often arise among the general public.

Announcement of independent candidacy for President of Republic of Cyprus by Andreas Mavroyiannis
Announcement of independent candidacy for President of the Republic of Cyprus by Andreas Mavroyiannis (Source- Financial Mirror)

Likewise, he has been married twice in his lifetime, and his new wife is Lena Shamoun. The couple associated with each other in June 2021 and lives a mutually understanding lifestyle.

They met four years ago before getting married through their mutual friends in New York, where Mr. Mavroyiannis was operating as an ambassador. 

Even though significant media coverage is unseen about his wife, Mavroyiannis mentioned that his wife was born to Syrian parents who bought him up in New Jersey. 

Later, she studied fashion subject and then chose her profession as a teacher. Her teaching follows younger children aged up to four years using the Montessori method.

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Andreas Mavroyiannis First Wife Kalliopi Efthyvoulou Died Of Cancer

Andreas Mavroyiannis was previously married to his first wife, Kalliopi Efthyvoulou, in 1989, whose relationship ended with her death of her due to Cancer. She was around 53 years old during her death in 2014.

Similarly, she was a professional teacher and a sailing fan. She also functioned on the Cyprus Sailing Federation and National Paralympic Committee board.

Different high-level personnel had poured condolences on her passing away by mentioning her worth and service during her lifetime. Her final rites occurred on Thursday at the Panagia Eleousa church in Agros village.

However, only a little information is publically shared about her personal aspect, so detailed information is out of the spotlight.

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Andreas Mavroyiannis's professional highlights often stays on top and his personal life is mostly out of spotlight
Andreas Mavroyiannis’s professional highlights often stay on top, and his personal life is predominantly out of the spotlight (Source: Irish News)

Andreas Mavroyiannis Kids: How Many Children Does He Have?

Andreas Mavroyiannis is the Father of two kids, and many people search for them being celebrity children. They have mostly remained out of the spotlight following their privacy concerns.

He only has children with his first wife and does not seem to have kids from his second marriage. He was blessed with a son, Diomides Mavroyiannis, in 1990 following 34 years old.

After around three years, he and his wife, Kalliopi Efthyvoulou, became parents to their second daughter, Athena, in 1993. With this, she is 31 years old.

His second wife maintains good relations with his two children. Even though Mavroyiannis is majorly on public highlights, his young ones are yet to open up publically.


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