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Who Is Andrew Dawson On Tiktok? Tiktoker Goes Missing- Is He Dead or Alive?

Andrew Dawson TikTok video went viral, and strange things started to happen. His last video was posted on 17 May. The content creator has since disappeared.

Users can engage in conversations, share information, and produce content for the web via social media platforms. Many people tend to gain a lot of fame with their content.

Andrew Dawson is one of them. His video – where he claimed to have seen a giant creature – has managed to amass over 6 million views.

The clip quickly amassed views. But since May 17, 2022, the content creator has not shared anything on the video-sharing platform. It has caused many internet users to wonder what happened to the man.

Who Is Andrew Dawson On Tiktok?

Andrew Dawson joined TikTok around June 2021. He shared generic content like his dance, relationship issues, drinking habits, eating, and spending time with his pet dog and crow.

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However, his content started to become eerie after he posted a video on the video-sharing platform with the caption, “it is a giant.”

Andrew Dawson TikTok
A snap of Andrew Dawson TikTok video in which he claimed to be a giant creature. (Image Source: TikTok)

On April 9, 2022, Dawson, who goes by the username @andykapt, posted a video of what appeared to be a giant human in the mountains.

Andrew claimed that a person standing on top of a snowy mountain is a giant person. The clip was shaky, and he zoomed in to show the giant, but it wasn’t that clear. In the background, we can hear someone asking him what he is seeing.

He replied, “it’s a person, dude. Seriously, pull over; it’s a person standing there.”

The video quickly went viral. As of this writing, it has over 6 million views and 528.8K likes. The creator tried to film the giant for the next few days but failed. He could no more spot the giant creature.

The TikToker Andrew DawsonWent Missing

After a few unsuccessful attempts to film the giant person, he talked with local people who said the thing comes and goes.

Since then, his content has become strange. On 12 April, Andrew insisted that he was stopped twice by a CIA agent and was accused of trespassing and blocking the road.

In another video, Andrew shared a clip with a strange light in the sky which he referred a UFO, followed by a helicopter. He also said they were performing a heli extraction and removing something from the mountain.

After sharing a video on 16 April 2022, Andrew went missing. He didn’t post anything until 6 May. That day, he shared an official update and disclosed that he was busy and hadn’t disappeared or died.

The TikToker also said sorry for disappointing his viewers as the strange videos he posted were scripted and fake.

Is Andrew Dawson Dead or Alive?

It has been reported Andrew Dawson passed away on 1 July 2022. His obituary was reportedly published in a regional newspaper called Campbell River Mirror.

Andrew Dawson TikTok
Andrew Dawson’s obituary in the local newspaper. (Image Source: Campbell River Mirror)

However, many believe it was an elaborate hoax and that death was just a coincidence.

Andrew Dawson went missing after declaring his videos were just for entertainment. Ten days after his official update video, he shared a clip saying, “I am scared.”

He said that his videos were not false and that viewers might not see him post “ever again” in the video, which contradicted what he had said earlier.

The following day, on May 17, 2022, Andrew Dawson posted one more update with a picture of what appeared to be the same mountain covered in snow with a building on top. According to TikToker, the structure wasn’t there the day before.

Since then, Andrew hasn’t posted any videos or updates to his account, which has many people concerned for his safety. Although none of the enigmatic videos have been confirmed, it should be emphasized that this hasn’t stopped online users from speculating.

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