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Andrew Sansone Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth: Julie Banderas Husband

People have become curious about the personal life of Andrew Sansone, searching for his Wikipedia page after he married famous American news anchor Julie Banderas.

Andrew Sansone holds a prominent position in the American media landscape as a renowned businessman, financial advisor, and media personality.

Furthermore, followers of Fox News Channel recognize him as the husband of anchor Julie Bidwell.

Notably, Andrew Sansone is the president and founder of Old Rock Media and Big Apple Channel.

As news of their divorce emerges, public interest in the personal life of Andrew Sansone has surged, as they keep searching for his Wikipedia page.

Andrew Sansone Wikipedia: Age And Early Life

When Julie announced their divorce online, Andrew Sansone became a hot topic on the internet, and started searching for his Wikipedia page.

While many know about Julie Bidwell from Wikipedia, there isn’t detailed information about Andrew Sansone.

Born in 1966 in the USA, Andrew Sansone is 54 years old, though he hasn’t shared his exact birthday.

He came from a Christian family with parents named Andrew P. Sansone and Joan M. Sansone.

Sadly, both parents have passed away. His dad worked as a clerk and ensured Andrew got a good education, which helped him succeed.

Andrew and his wife with three children all wearing same outfit.
Andrew and Julie Banderas share three children, two daughters and a son (Source: The Sun)

Likewise, his mom was also educated as an electrical engineer. There’s no information about Andrew having siblings so he might be the only child of his parents.

Andrew has shared some details about his early life and schooling on his LinkedIn profile. He mentioned living originally in Waldwick, New Jersey, but moved to Santa Monica, California, in 1991.

Further, Andrew was interested in business and finance from a young age. This inspired him to study Business, Management, and Economics at The State University of New York.

Today, people recognize Andrew Sansone for his business success, which has inspired many businessmen and Wikipedia may write about him soon.

Andrew Sansone’s Career Journey And Net Worth

Andrew Sansone has had a successful and fulfilling career. After finishing his education in 1998, he started his Tourism Media Services business.

This company offered tailored advertising services to NYC and San Francisco tourism clients.

Since 2014, Andrew has been with Allied Wealth Partners, where he received the Jack Langdon New Advisor of the Year Award in 2016 for his outstanding financial services.

Andrew wearing suit pant and smiling on the camera.
Andrew has found success and joy with the path he has chosen (Source: Facebook)

Moreover, he served as a business consultant for Hero Media Group and founded Concrete Media, an advertising firm in Hackensack, New Jersey.

From 2003 to 2014, Andrew led Old Rock Media and Big Apple Channel, an internet television network covering New York.

Additionally, he has contributed as a board member for Habitat for Humanity. His successful career has also led to a net worth of $1 million, although his exact salary remains private.

Despite his accomplishments and recent attention due to his divorce news, he still doesn’t have a Wikipedia page dedicated to him.

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Is Andrew Sansone Married To Julie Banderas?

Andrew Sansone married Julie Banderas, a well-known anchor and news correspondent for Fox News.

They first appeared together during Julie’s early days as a news anchor. Andrew uniquely proposed to Julie—by hiding an engagement ring in a message inside a bottle buried in the sand.

Further, they announced their engagement on TV and later became proud parents to three children.

Their first child, Addison Melissa, was born in 2010; their second child, Avery Julie, was born in 2012; and their third child, Andy Harrison, was born in 2016.

Andrew wife on TV wearing black dress.
Julie Banderas Announces Divorce from Andrew Sansone on Live TV (Source: The Sun)

However, after nearly 14 years of marriage, Julie announced their divorce on live TV during a discussion on the late-night comedy show Gutfeld.

Despite their seemingly successful life together, their relationship didn’t end as many had expected.

This news generated significant buzz online, sparking conversations about Andrew Sansone and leading people to search for his Wikipedia page.

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