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Andrew Yang Net Worth & Career

An American lawyer by practice turned businessman, an entrepreneur, and a political commentator, Andrew Yang’s net worth is around $3 million as of 2024.

Andrew Yang was born and raised in the United States to Taiwanese immigrant parents.

Yang’s father was a researcher for General Electric and IBM, while his mother, who worked as a system administrator, later became an artist.

Andrew Yang's Net Worth
Andrew Yang Speaking at An Event (Source: Wikimedia.org)

Being an academically gifted person, Andrew Yang went to the Center of Talented Youth (gifted education program for school-age children) at a young age.

Andrew Yang is best known for being a democratic candidate in the 2020 presidential election.

Yang got fame for his humanitarian policies during his campaign. He has quite an applaudable fanbase on social media who refer themselves as “Yang Gang.”

Andrew Yang | Quick Facts

Let’s get to know Andrew Yang better with a few facts like his full name, education, salary, and many more.

Full Name Andrew M. Yang
Net Worth $3 million
Birth Date January 13, 1975
Birth Place Schenectady, New York, United States
Nickname Andrew
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Asian
Education Brown University (BA in Economics)

Columbia University (Doctor of Law)

Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Father’s Name Kei Hsiung Yang (Physicist, Researcher)
Mother’s Name Nancy L. Yang (Systems Administrator, Artist)
Siblings 1 Older Brother (Lawrence Yang – Psychology Professor)
Age 49 Years Old
Height 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Weight 156 lb (71 kg)
Hair Style Short-cropped Hair
Eye Color Dark Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Relationship Evelyn (Lu) Yang (M. 2011)
Children 2
Profession Philanthropist, Political Commentator, and Entrepreneur
Salary $260,000 per year
Endorsements N/A
Active Since 2017
Build Slim
Major Achievements
  • Champion of Change Award 2012,
  • Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship 2015
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Youtube
Last Update May 2024

Andrew Yang | Net worth and Income

As of May 2024, Andrew Yang’s net worth is estimated to be about $3 million.

Andrew Yang's Net Worth
Andrew Yang in One of His Public Speaking (Source: Pacific Standard)

With a yearly income of $260,000, various sources show that Yang’s income comes from real estate, royalties, speaking engagements, capital gains, and writings.

According to Wall Street Journal in May 2019, Andrew Yang earned about $150,000 in 2018.

Net Worth of Andrew Yang in Different Currencies

Let’s have a look into Andrew Yang’s net worth in different currencies, including the cryptocurrency BitCoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 2,648,895
Pound Sterling £ 2,257,048
Australian Dollar A$ 4,225,293
Canadian Dollar C$ 3,842,040
Indian Rupee ₹ 225,148,500
BitCoin ฿ 53

Andrew Yang |House, Cars, and Watches


Andrew Yang’s net worth is $3 million as of May 2024 which is more than enough to buy a decent mansion in the States.

However, as of 2021, Andrew Yang lives in a two-bedroom rental in Hell’s Kitchen in Midtown Manhattan with his wife and two sons.

Aside from that, he owns a 2,700 square foot home in a quiet neighborhood in New Paltz, New York.

The house he bought in 2015 is worth about $500,000.


In a campaign ad, Yang was seen driving around a Tesla Model X, an electric car best known for its storage and towing capacity.


Andrew Yang wears a Shinola watch and often commends about it.

Shinola Watches, made in Detroit, was founded by his friends, and that is also a reason he wears and praises it.

Andrew Yang |Lifestyle and Vacations


Andrew Yang’s net worth is $3 million as of May 2024. He lives a decent lifestyle with his family.

Known for being a family man, Andrew Yang married the love of his life Evelyn (Lu) Yang, in 2011. The couple has two sons together. One of whom is autistic. He loves both of his sons very much.

Andrew Yang's Net Worth
Andrew Yang With His Family (Source: The Times)

He lives with his family in a rental apartment in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan.

Yang also owns a home in New Paltz, New York, which was purchased in 2015. The latter house became the primary residence for the Yang family during the pandemic

Andrew Yang attends the Reformed Church in New Paltz with his family and is entirely devoted to his religion.

He tends to keep his personal lifestyle private and does not talk much about his family and kids in media.


Well, there isn’t much time for Andrew to travel places because of all the campaigns he has to work on.

He travels frequently for his work.

Apart from that, if you browse through his social media, you will find that he is definitely a family guy and likes to spend his spare time with his family making good memories.

Andrew Yang | Charity

Andrew Yang’s net worth is $3 million, which does not sound like a lot. Nonetheless, Yang has a heart of gold and often donates to charity.

Known for his humanitarian policies, Andrew Yang did not just capitalize on his former presidential campaign.

He also went on a step ahead, creating a nonprofit program named “Venture for America,” which focused on sending college graduates who are especially hit hard by the financial crisis to work at startups in cities.

He launched Venture for America with funding of $200,000 and trained each of 40 graduates in 2012, 69 in 2013, and 106 in 2014. As of now, Venture for America is in about 20 cities.

After the end of his 2020 presidential campaign, he founded The Humanity Forward Fund.

This nonprofit program proposed sending $1,000 over a couple of weeks to a thousand households affected by a Coronavirus in Bronx, New York.

Andrew Yang | Investments, Endorsements & Books


Andrew Yang is an investor, and his investing portfolio includes cash accounts and diversified mutual funds.

He has small holdings in Lending Club and Google stock. Apart from this, he also has one Silicon Valley Investment that ventures in early startups.


While Andrew Yang hasn’t been seen endorsing brands directly, he occasionally hints at a few brands on his day-to-day lifestyle by sporting them on various occasions.

For instance, was seen driving a Tesla Model X in a campaign ad.

But Andrew Yang has been endorsed by many people. He was supported by Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX.

Yang was also supported by actor Donald Grover, actress Teri hatcher, and many more. The founder of Zappos, Tony Hsieh, also endorsed Andrew Yang.

Book Publications

Andrew Yang is quite passionate about writing. Mentioned below are a few books written by Andrew Yang.

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Andrew Yang | Career

Academically gifted Yang started as a corporate lawyer, which did not last very long.

He went on and founded Star giving in the year 2000, which was known for conducting charitable fundraising in collaboration with various celebrities.

After being employed in a healthcare startup from 2002 to 2005, Yang later took over as the CEO in a test preparation company called Manhattan Prep in 2006.

In early 2012, Yang left his role at Manhattan Prep, shifting his attention towards Venture for America, which he founded in 2011.

Later on, to take over his 2020 presidential campaign, Andrew Yang left Venture for America in the year 2017.

After announcing his run for the 2020 US presidential election in 2017, his primarily focused policy of freedom dividend, which claimed on providing each American adult a sum of $1,000 as “Universal Basic Income.”

His policy gained a lot of attention.

Andrew Yang's Net Worth
Andrew Yang (Source: Bloomberg.com)

His campaign’s slogan was “MATH” or “Making America Think Harder.”

A heavily Internet-based campaign led him to gain a massive number of supporters.

His supporters refer to themselves as Yang Gang.

Andrew Yang is a highly inspirational and influential person who has been a role model to many youths who support him for his humanitarian principles.

After the end of his campaign for the 2020 presidential election, Andrew Yang ran in the 2021 New York City Democratic mayoral primarily.

The votes were released, and he was placed in the fourth position.

In October 2021, announcing his departure from the Democratic Party, Andrew Yang founded his own party, the Forward Party.

The party focuses on the committee that seeks to alleviate political polarization, ultimately reforming the US political and economic system.

Three Facts About Andrew Yang

  • Yang has revealed that his favorite president is Theodore Roosevelt, and he also said that he is the godfather of Roosevelt’s great-granddaughter.
  • Andrew Yang has two sons. One of his sons is autistic. So, he takes part in campaigns that support autistic children.
  • Yang had received an award for Champion of Change from the Obama White House in 2012. He was also named a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship in 2015.


Why does Andrew Yang want a Universal Basic Income?

Andrew Yang believes that automation and AI will make millions of jobs obsolete, and the $1,000 provided as universal basic income will ease out the lives of people that will be left unemployed because of the rapidly growing automation.

Why was Andrew Yang’s campaign suspended?

While Yang had gained a good number of supporters through his social media presence, it wasn’t enough for him to get a good finish.

After investing millions of dollars in the campaign, he landed low support in Iowa, which was the leading cause for him to announce the suspension of his campaign.

Is Andrew Yang married?

Yes, Andrew Yang has been married to Evelyn Yang since 2011.

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