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Andy Bassich Wikipedia, Age: Is He Still On The Life Below Zero?

Life Below Zero television star Andy Bassich lived an unusual life in Alaska for over 40 years, but does he have a Wikipedia? Let’s find out!

Andy Bassich is not just a Television personality but also a survivor. He lives on the Yukon River near Eagle, Alaska, with his 25 sled dogs.

He faced many challenges and dangers there, from wild animals to extreme weather, but he never gave up on his dream of living off the land.

Moreover, the television personality became famous through his popular documentary series The Life Below Zero.

Interestingly, he and his wife, Kate Bassich, played the lead roles in this series.

Along with acting, he involved himself in professions like carpenter, hunter, trapper, fisherman, musher, and outdoorsman.

Therefore, many people are curious to know more about Andy Bassich and search for him on Wikipedia.

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Andy Bassich Wikipedia: Early Life And Career

Andy Bassich stepped into this world on January 25, 1958. He was born in Washington, D.C., United States, but grew up in Wheaton, Maryland.

Likewise, the amazing star joined John F. Kennedy High and graduated in 1976.

Since childhood, he has shown interest in fine arts and often visited museums and places that would captivate his imagination.

Surprisingly, Andy also wanted to visit Alaska sooner, but his sister’s marriage commitment pulled him back for some years.

Andy Bassich looking upward
Andy Bassich gained huge popularity through Life Below Zero. (Source: Facebook)

Later, he finally moved to Alaska and started living an unusual life.

Over many years, he indulged in survival, gathering and growing food independently.

Therefore, he did not use a heating system and depended on wood as the fire source.

Also, the T.V. star raised sled dogs for mushing and trapping support.

Acknowledging Andy’s lifestyle, The Life Below Zero showrunners asked him to participate in their reality show.

Thus, he grabbed the opportunity and debuted in this show during season 1, which premiered on May 19, 2013.

Therefore, he has appeared in over 98 episodes till now.

Andy Bassich in the interview
Andy Bassich and his wife played the lead roles in Life Below Zero. (Source: The U.S. Sun)

However, Andy has left the show at a certain point, but the exact reasons and date are not mentioned.

Instead, showrunners cast new members, including Sue Aikens, James Franzo, Ricko Dewilde, Chip Hailstone, and Agnes Hailstone.

Nonetheless, people want to know about his struggle and achievements, but Wikipedia about Andy Bassich is unavailable.

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Wife And Children: Andy Bassich’s Personal Life

Romantic life did not always entertain Andy Bassich until he met Kate Rorke in Dawson City in 2003 and started dating.

Later, the couple tied the knot and started living together.

However, Andy has not shared any details about his past affairs, but Kate was previously married and had children from that relationship.

Meanwhile, in their marriage, the duo tackled many hardships and adversity of nature in Alaska.

One of the stories was in 2009, during the ice-breaking period in Eagle, Alaska when dangerous floods hit them.

Luckily, the pair and their 21 sled dogs were rescued by a chopper.

Andy Bassich with his ex-wife
Andy Bassich sleds more than 20 dogs in Alaska. (Source: Instagram)

However, it’s sad that their relationship did not last and ended with a divorce in 2016.

Later, he suffered a hip injury with the infection extending to muscle and bone. Then, he went to Florida and met his girlfriend, Denise Becker.

Hopefully, she also followed him into the wilderness to help him recover from his injury in Florida.

Moreover, many reporters assumed she was Andy Bassich’s new wife as they lived together.

Nevertheless, Andy Bassich has a lot of stories to tell and wisdom to share, but sadly, his Wikipedia is not available.

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