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Andy Hubbard Wikipedia, Net Worth: Stephanie Ruhle Husband

Navigating through the journalism industry, Stephanie Ruhle has her husband, Andy Hubbard, as her support system. So, many are curious to learn more about Andy Hubbard through his Wikipedia page.

Stephanie Ruhle, born on December 24, 1975, is a native of New Jersey who has established her name in the industry.

She hosts MSNBC’s The 11th Hour with Stephanie Ruhle and works as NBC News Senior Business analyst.

Previously, Ruhle was managing editor and news anchor for Bloomberg Television. 

Apart from her remarkable career, the host is known for her successful marriage with American businessman Andy Hubbard.

Now, this has led people to be interested in the Wikipedia of Andy Hubbard to look inside his private lifestyle.

Andy Hubbard Wikipedia: Meet Stephanie Ruhle Husband

Stephanie Ruhle has been married to Andy Hubbard for over two decades, as the couple tied the knot back in 2002.

Before stepping into journalism, Ruhle worked in the financial world for several years.

Further, she met Hubbard when they both worked at Credit Suisse, a credit trading company in New York.

Andy Hubbard with a magazine
Hubbard prefers to support his wife away from the cameras. (Source: Instagram)

Currently, Andy Hubbard has three children with the journalist, which is notable for his Wikipedia.

Hubbard was born in 1973 and grew up in a supportive environment alongside his younger brother, Jesse.

Moreover, he joined Princeton University to obtain a bachelor of science in engineering, mechanical, and aerospace.

His education aided him to pursue a successful career in the field of engineering and investment.

Soon after graduating, Hubbard worked as an associate marketer at Credit Suisse Financial Products.

Later, he devoted several years as the head of product development at Kiodex.

To add to his achievements in Wikipedia, Andy Hubbard served as managing director at credit firms.

Stephanie Ruhle and her husband wearing a mask
Hubbard often spends quality time with his wife. (Source: Twitter)

With experience from numerous companies, Hubbard became part of Haus Mart as their co-CEO.

The organization developed an app allowing users to sell anything directly from their smartphones, a useful tool for small businesses.

Currently, Hubbard has moved to his father-in-law’s business as a sales and development manager.

The businessman continues to put effort into his role as chief financial officer at VeriCarbon Inc.

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Andy Hubbard’s Net Worth: Divorce Rumors Amidst Ruhle Controversy

Such career milestones have attracted people to learn more about the net worth of Andy Hubbard in his Wikipedia.

Hubbard has been involved in the field for over 25 years, earning him much fame and fortune.

According to reports, the estimated net worth of the businessman is close to over 3 million US dollars.

Andy Hubbard with his family
Hubbard met Ruhle while working at a credit firm. (Source: Instagram)

However, his married life has not been as steady and perfect as the pictures seem.

Following his wife’s association with Under Armour founder Kevin Plank, the pair faced rumors about their divorce.

Moreover, Plank forged an unusual relationship with the television anchor, including trips on his private jets.

The legal records revealed that Ruhle, a Bloomberg reporter at the time, advised the company in negative reporting.

When the company faced a stock downgrade, Ruhle asked the executives for data to push a positive message out.

Similarly, Plank helped the journalist arrange an interview with basketball player and Under Armour athlete Stephen Curry.

Andy Hubbard walking with his daughter
Hubbard has garnered experience at several companies. (Source: Instagram)

However, questions regarding the relationship between Plank and Ruhle surfaced as many speculated about their affair.

Additionally, their team clarified that the two were only friends and that their relationship was professional.

Amidst such controversy, Ruhle’s husband maintained his stance and denied rumors of divorce.

Overall, the couple have overcome a difficult point in their relationship and lead a happy life in the Manhattan Upper East Side.

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