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Who Is Sophie Abbott? Andy Nyman Wife, Kids And Net Worth

Sophie Abbott is Andy Nyman wife. The married duo has been together for three decades and has two kids. The actor’s spouse has been battling breast Cancer for several years.

Andrew Nyman is also known as Andy Nyman. He is a well-known English actor, director, screenwriter, and magician. The England native is widely appreciated for movies/ TV series like Judy, Ghost Stories, Death at a Funeral, and The Commuter.

His latest role was in a British mystery thriller series, The Capture. As for his personal life, the skilled performer is a married guy with few kids. Did you know his the filmmaker’s spouse is a handbag designer?

Follow us till the end to learn some enthralling facts about Andy Nyman’s wife and children.

Who Is Andy Nyman’s Wife, Sophie Abbott?

Sophie Abbott, 59, is the loving wife of Andy Nyman. As stated above, she is a handbag designer based in the UK.

The adorable pair exchanged wedding vows three decades ago in the early 1990s. So, it has been ages since their marriage, and their bond is still going strong.

The pair must have shared many ups and downs during the long journey as they met at the start of their professional career.

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Andy Nyman wife
Andy Nyman wife, Sophie Abbott used to work as a handbag designer. Source: Facebook

In September 2001, The Telegraph reported that Andy Nyman’s wife was a handbag designer. Going through the social media of Sophie Abbott, we can be assured that she is a crafty person who loves to create and spread love.

Like everybody else, the lovely pair have also been through thick and thin. The lovebirds’ most recent battle is with Cancer. Andy Nyman’s spouse was diagnosed with triple negative secondary breast Cancer in 2017.

The actor and his spouse have not shared much about Sophie’s health. However, on14 October 2022, Abbott shares a snap of her surgery scar on her chest and neck.

The actor’s partner is brave for wearing her scars like a halo. It looked like the surgery went well. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Sophie Abbott And Andy Nyman Kids

Sophie and Andy are blessed with two kids, a son Preston Nyman and a daughter Macy Nyman.

The couple entered into parenthood before the 2000s. Thus, both of their kids have grown up. In addition, they are following in their Father’s footsteps and have already gotten some acting credits.

Macy Nyman began her acting career in 2005 with a short movie, Foster. Andy’s daughter is known for appearing in series like Alex Rider, Poirot, Leopoldstadt- Nt Live 2022, and The Coroner.

Andy Nyman wife
Andy Nyman with his daughter, Macy Nyman.  Source: Twitter

Additionally, the young woman receives one credit in the continuity and writing department. The Kindness of Strangers included Macy in the role of script supervisor (And the Key to Everything).

Likewise, Andy Nyman’s son, born on 19 September 1997, has 19 acting credits. The young actor is known for movies/series such as Crooked House, This Country, Catch-22, and Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom.

Preston also wrote and directed the 2016 short horror and mystery movie Francois.

Andy Nyman’s Net Worth

One of the best performers in the UK today is Andy Nyman, who has made a name for himself. Additionally, he has spent more than three decades working in the entertainment sector.

In all those years, the star must have earned considerably. Thus, we can assume that Andy Nyman’s net worth is substantial. According to Glassdoor, actors and Actresses earn £23,657 – £163,348 per year in England.

So, The Capture star must also make around that range. Let’s hope the Nyman family will continue to achieve more success and live more comfortably.

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