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Who Was Angela Craig? Colorado Dentist James Toliver Craig Wife Death And Obituary

Angela Craig has been a popular topic ever since the news of her death came out to the public.

People worldwide are sending condolences to her family, asking Angela Craig to be redeemed as they want the person behind her death to be arrested.  

Many from the close circle of Angela Craig have been talking about how amazing a person she was. They have managed to mention that the mother of six was a kind and caring soul who always wanted what was best for her family and everyone else.

After being admitted to the hospital multiple times, doctors and family members initially did not suspect foul play and thought it was just sinuses. 

However, over time, her condition deteriorated, and she passed away. An investigation launched by the Police confirmed the suspected foul play, and her husband was the primary suspect.  

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Who Was Angela Craig? Colorado Dentist James Toliver Craig’s Wife’s Death

Since the news of Angela Craig’s death was made public, she has become widely discussed. 

People worldwide have expressed their sympathies and condolences to her family, grieving over her untimely passing. 

Additionally, there is a growing demand for justice as the public demands the arrest of the person responsible for her death, hoping that Angela Craig’s memory can be redeemed by holding those responsible accountable for their actions.

According to Police, Angela’s husband James Toliver Craig, aged 45, was charged with murder on Sunday. He is a Colorado dentist. This came after detectives discovered that his wife, Angela Craig, aged 43, had been fatally poisoned. 

The incident began when James Toliver Craig drove his wife to the hospital in Aurora on Wednesday, stating that she was experiencing headaches and dizziness.

Following this, the Major Crimes Homicide Unit detectives conducted a thorough investigation, ultimately revealing that Angela Craig had been poisoned.

It was later discovered that she had been experiencing symptoms for a couple of weeks and had informed her family members about her headaches and light-headedness.

James Toliver Craig
James Toliver Craig drove his wife to the hospital. (Source: PR newswire)

Despite being examined at the hospital multiple times before Wednesday, her relatives believed it was merely a sinus infection, which she was prone to.

Angela Craig was a mother of six, and her untimely death has caused widespread shock and sadness. The Police have taken swift action in charging James Toliver Craig with murder, and the case will proceed through the justice system. 

The public hopes for a fair trial and for Angela Craig’s memory to be honored by holding those responsible for her death accountable for their actions.

Angela Craig Obituary Details

According to an individual closely connected to Angela Craig’s family and who spoke to The Daily Beast, Angela Craig was an exceptional woman with a warm and outgoing personality. 

She was also a fantastic mother who went above and beyond to provide her children with the best care and support.

Angela Craig
Angela Craig’s obituary was filled with kind messages. (Source: Adobe Stock)

Moreover, the source emphasized that Angela was very supportive of her husband, and when their family faced financial difficulties, she even worked in his practice to help out. The source spoke highly of Angela’s character and dedication to her family.

Everyone who knew Angela had nothing but good things to say about her, as her death brought much sadness to her family and the community she was a part of. 

People looked closer at her children, who might be in the wrong place after losing such a crucial figure. 

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