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What Surgery Did Annie Potts Had? Before And After Photos

The possibility of Annie Potts having plastic surgery has generated a lot of speculation. Review the before and after photos of the Actress.

Annie Potts became well-known when she played Janine Melnitz in the famous movie Ghostbusters in the 1980s. Before reprising her role as Janine in Ghostbusters II, she appeared in the films Pretty in Pink and Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

She made an appearance in three Busting Loose episodes that same year. She soon made her screen debut in the 1978 movie Corvette Summer. 

She was recognized with a 1994 Primetime Emmy Award for her work on the CBS sitcom Love & War, in which she played Dana Palladino.

What Surgery Did Annie Potts Have? Before And After Photos

In the past, Annie Potts wasn’t afraid to discuss the topic of plastic surgery. She thought about having one even though she hadn’t at the time. 

She admitted to getting cosmetic procedures whenever she felt the need in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

But during this time, the Actress made it clear that it didn’t mean she had already had surgery when she said she would do it in the future.

Annie Potts Surgery
Annie Potts before and after surgery (Source: celebsurgeries.co)

But now that she’s in her 60s, what’s the deal? According to reports, it would appear that the seasoned Actress was true to her words about getting Botox if she needed it to enhance her appearance.

In her most recent leading role in Young Sheldon, she appears younger than her age. However, because her face looks so natural, it doesn’t appear that she has undergone a facelift or any other invasive procedures.

Annie Potts Career Details Explored

Annie Potts, born on October 28, 1952, made her acting debut in the 1977 television film Black Market Baby. 

Annie also landed her first television leading role as Edith Bedelmeyer in the brief series Goodtime Girls. For her role as Mary Jo Shively in the CBS sitcom Designing Women, Potts gained even more fame.

She played Dana Palladino in another CBS sitcom, Love & War, after the 1993 series finale. 

Before assuming the lead role in Any Day Now as Mary Elizabeth “M.E.” Sims, she went on to have starring roles in the TV series Dangerous Minds and Over the Top.

In the Toy Story movies from the 1990s, she provided the voice of Bo Peep. She played a recurring character in Chicago Med more recently.

Annie Potts Accident: What Happened To Her?

Potts and her first husband, Steven Hartley, were involved in a car accident in 1972 when they were both 21 years old. 

Potts suffered multiple fractures below the waist, including compound fractures to both legs and the loss of the heel in her right foot, and Hartley lost his left leg.

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The car accident occurred in Sumner, Washington, where two drag racing drivers destroyed their Volkswagen bus. 

Where Is Annie Potts Now?

Annie Potta is now an enthusiastic board member and visiting Drama professor after developing an early interest in stage and film.

Annie Potts Surgery
Beautiful Annie Potts in 2019 (Source: firstforwomen)

Potts, the youngest of three girls, was raised in Kentucky after being born in Nashville. Mary Eleanor Potts Hovious and Elizabeth Grissette Potts are her older sisters. 

They were raised in Franklin, Kentucky, where she attended Franklin-Simpson High School and received her diploma in 1970.

She studied theater at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, where she received her Bachelor’s degree.

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Her previous role was on “GCB,” a television series based on the book Good Christian Bitches. One of the many iconic female characters Potts has produced is Mary Jo Shively from “Designing Women,” and her character Gigi ranks among them.



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