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Anshu Malik Wrestling Video And MMS Gone Viral: Leaked Photo Scandal

Anshu Malik wrestling video has been searched by many people on the internet. Keep reading this article till the end to know more about Malik’s photo scandal in this article.

Anshu Malik is an Indian freestyle wrestler who is known for being the first Indian wrestler to win a silver medal at the World Championships in the women’s division.

Furthermore, Malik participated at the 2021 World Wrestling Championships and prevailed in the silver medal in the women’s 57 kg event, which was organized in Oslo, Norway.

She first came into the media prominence after winning gold in the 60 kg category of the Cadet Wrestling Championships.

For the past few days, Malik’s name has been dragged into the controversy as an intimate video has been shared heavily on the web, which was linked with the freestyle wrestler.

Anshu Malik Wrestling Video And MMS Gone Viral

For the past few days, Anshu Malik has been the talk of the town as her video, and MMS has been searched heavily on the internet. Some sources have shared a video where one can be seen having an intimate moment.

Due to that, everyone was shocked and started asking many questions on the web. The viral video has become a sizzling topic on multiple social media platforms, including Twitter.

Anshu Malik Wrestling Video
Anshu Malik is a freestyle wrestler who is making rounds on the web after an explicit video was linked with her. ( Source: Instagram )

Many unauthorized sources have shared the clip, leaving her fans and followers confused. Some say that the video is fake, while some have said that it is real.

Apart from that, many online users are confused regarding this matter and have been asking multiple questions. So, collecting everything from the available sources, the scandal has been explained below.

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Anshu Malik Leaked Photo Scandal Explained

Anshu Malik leaked photo scandal is among people’s searches. As said earlier, an explicit video has gone viral on the internet, and everyone has claimed that the person seen in the video is Malik.

Due to this, Malik has been pulled into the controversy, leaving her shocked. Some unverified Twitter and Reddit users have shared fake videos using Malik’s name.

Anshu Malik Leaked Photo Scandal
Anshu Malik has become the talk of the town after a leaked photo started circulating on the web. ( Source: Instagram )

Exploring all of them, it can strongly be confirmed that the videos have been used just to get views on their post and defame Malik’s personality.

On the other side, the scandal has grabbed everyone’s eyes, including the national media, and there has been a recent update regarding this matter.

Anshu Malik Responds To Her Viral Video

Anshu Malik was in the middle of a controversy, and she has already opened up her mouth regarding this matter. Malik shared a video on her Instagram handle and said she is not the person in the viral tape.

Likewise, Malik noted that the video is not her. While sharing the video, Malik wrote, “Truth may be troubled but not defeated. In the end, truth won and lies lost.”

In her video, Malik mentioned that the case had been gone to the police, and everyone involved in this matter was taken under police control.

Anshu Malik Responds
Anshu Malik shared a video on her IG account where a man acknowledged that the viral video s related to him. ( Source: Instagram )

The viral video is said to be of a couple, which was leaked by an unknown person. A man seen in the video has also come forward, saying that all of this is not related to Anshu. 

So, everyone has been requested not to believe in the fake news and stop sharing it, too, which harms Malik’s life. 

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