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Anthony Edwards IG Model Pregnant: Paige Jordae Abortion Scandal And Controversy

Anthony Edwards IG model pregnant and netizens are curious to know about this controversy.

Anthony DeVante Edwards, is a professional basketball player from the United States who plays for the National Basketball Association’s Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA). 

He was a shooting guard for the University of Georgia Bulldogs during his collegiate career. The Timberwolves selected him as the first overall choice in the 2020 NBA draft.

At Holy Spirit Preparatory School in his hometown of Atlanta, where he completed his high school education, Edwards was considered by major recruiting agencies to be a consensus five-star prospect and among the greatest players in the 2019 class. 

He was named to the USA Today All-USA first team and the McDonald’s All-American team as a senior. 

He became the highest-rated recruit to commit to play collegiate basketball for Georgia, and following his rookie season, he was voted SEC Freshman of the Year. 

Be with us till the end to know more about Anthony Edwards girl pregnant news.

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Anthony Edwards IG Model Pregnant: Is This News True?

Anthony Edwards Girl Pregnant news is all over the internet and people are going crazy to know more about it.

A model accuses Anthony Edwards of pushing her to get an abortion and getting her pregnant. The model revealed some revelations.

Anthony Edwards of the Minnesota Timberwolves is having success on the floor, but he could be involved in a scandal.

Paige Jordae, an Instagram model, posted about an alleged text exchange with Edwards on the social media site.

Anthony Edwards Girl Pregnant
Anthony Edwards girl pregnant news has brought a big controversy. (Source: My Khel)

Jordae goes so far as to attach a picture of the pregnancy test to her claim that Edwards is the reason she became pregnant.

Edwards allegedly responded by telling Jordae to get an abortion, even offering her $100,000 to do so despite her objections.

It is said that Jordae followed through on the abortion, so she was taken aback when Edwards hired legal counsel.

Jordae’s timing in bringing up the accusations is unknown, however it might be related to Edwards’ partner of the moment disclosing her pregnancy.

 Paige Jordae Abortion Scandal And Controversy

Anthony Edwards, a top player for the Minnesota Timberwolves, released a statement on social media following a woman’s accusation that he had impregnated her and then offered her $100,000 to have an abortion.

According to images on social media, Paige Jordae, an Instagram model, shared purported texts with 22-year-old Edwards in which she said he wrote, “Get an abortion lol” and “I will send you money to help you out.”

After agreeing to a five-year, $260 million maximum contract deal with the Timberwolves in July, Edwards stated that he made his remarks “in the heat of the moment” and that he will now handle the matter “privately.”

In a statement uploaded to his X account on Monday, Edwards said, “I made comments in the heat of the moment that are not me, and that are not aligned with what I believe and who I want to be as a man.” 

Details On Anthony Edwards Career

Edwards was a star baseball player in his early years, frequently batting fourth or fifth for his club. Edwards has also joked that he used to be good in a lot of other sports. 

In addition to being a dog owner, he has shown a strong interest in lions, but he doesn’t think he has the room needed to properly care for one.

Anthony Edwards Girl Pregnant
A $100K abortion scandal engulfs Anthony Edwards as an Instagram model reveals texts. (Source: Reddit)

Hustle, a sports drama film released in 2022, marked Edwards’ acting debut. 

Many, including the movie’s creator and actor Adam Sandler, appreciated his portrayal as the film’s main adversary, Kermit Wilts. 

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