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Antonio Aracre Pareja Actual: Wikipedia And Biography

Who is Antonio Aracre pareja actual? Argentine businessman and politician is a father of two grown-up children. Learn more about his love life below.

Antonio Aracre is a former CEO of Latin America of the Chinese seed company Syngenta. Aracre ventured into the political world around the time he became the adviser to the president of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez.

The former Syngenta CEO took office in January this year. But he submitted his resignation in April 2023. Aracre resigned amid rumors that he would replace Sergio Massa at the Palacio De Hacienda.

Recently, there has been a buzz related to his resignation. Thus, there are several questions surrounding his personal and professional life. Here are all the details we know.

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Antonio Aracre Pareja Actual: Dating Anyone?

It is unclear who is Antonio Aracre’s current partner. However, he was previously married to a woman. He shared a long and blissful marital life with his ex-wife.

The identity of the Argentine politician’s former spouse is unknown. According to reports, Aracre’s former wife was the person he had fallen in love with, and he welcomed two kids, Julieta and Federico.

Antonio Aracre Pareja
Antonio Aracre with his youngest daughter, Julieta. (Image Source: La Nacion)

The former Syngenta CEO’s then-wife asked for a divorce so that she could be free.

In an interview with La Nacion, Antonio recalled, “How powerful that phrase was, setting me free so that I could embrace the freedom of being who I wanted.”

The politician was furious back then since he couldn’t grasp the situation. It was over ten years ago. But his wife realized it before he did.

Aracre said they had a dream fulfilled like that. While admitting how difficult it is to fight against one’s sexual orientation, he said his wife must have perceived what was happening to him.

There are no info regarding if he is dating anyone currently.

Is Antonio Aracre Gay?

Yes, Antonio Aracre, who formerly served as the CEO of Syngenta, is gay. As stated earlier, the politician was happily married to a woman and had two kids.

But with the passage of time, he was attracted to the same sex. Somehow, Antonio accepted his homosexuality. But his main worry was how to come out to his children as he didn’t want to hurt them.

At age 40, Aracre reportedly visited around twenty specialists seeking help coming out as gay to his children. When he came out to his precious children, Aracre’s youngest, Julieta, was ten, and his eldest was 13.

It was difficult for the businessman, but he did it. The businessman now shares a close bond with his kids and former wife.

In the same interview, Antonio advised men in the same situation as him. He stated in a situation like that; one should make sure he is there for his family and children and their ex-partner with whom they had those children.

Who Is Antonio Aracre? Wikipedia And Biography

As mentioned above, Antonio Aracre is a businessman and politician who formerly served Syngenta as CEO and President Alberto Fernandez as his chief advisor.

Antonio Aracre Pareja
Antonio Aracre recently resigned from the position as adviser to President Alberto Fernandez. (Image Source: Rio Negro)

Aracre grew up in a lower-middle-class Italian family. His parents worked as a taxi driver and dressmaker. The businessman once revealed that he was bullied at school.

He joined Syngenta at 20 and began working as a cadet. Moreover, Antonio holds a degree in economic science from the University of Buenos Aires (UBS).

In October 2022, Aracre ended his journey with Syngenta after serving the company for 36 years. He was CEO of the company for 12 years.

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