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Antonio Iuliano Malattia: Wikipedia And Eta

People want to know about Antonio Iuliano Malattia (disease). Italian football player Antonio Juliano was a midfielder.

He was a skilled playmaker who was well-known for his vision, endurance, and passing range in addition to his leadership, technical skill, and ball control.

Growing up, he played football with Napoli, the primary team in his hometown.

Under Bruno Pesaola’s technical supervision, he progressed through the ranks from the youth squad to the first team, which he joined in the 1961–1962 season.

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On February 17, 1963, at Napoli, he made his debut in the Italian Cup semi-final, in which Inter won 1-5 against Mantova. He stayed in Naples from that point on until 1977–1978.

During that time, he won two cadet championships in a row and played 355 matches in and Winners’ Cup UEFA Cup and 39 between the Italian Cup; 72 games in Giuseppe Bruscolotti and 39 in Serie B, which is only second to Serie A in terms of overall appearances.

Be with us till the end to know about Antonio Iuliano Malattia (disease) before his death.

Antonio Iuliano Malattia (Disease) Before Death

Antonio Juliano passed dead on December 13, 2023, when he was hospitalized due to an illness. He was eighty years old.

That leaves us with the legendary captain of a thousand battles, who spent 17 seasons in the blue shirt—12 of those as captain—and an equally distinguished tenure managing the Italian squad.

Antonio Iuliano Malattia
Antonio Iuliano Malattia (disease) information is not revealed yet. (Source: Ilroma)

Additionally, he made eighteen appearances for his country.505 appearances in total, 38 goals scored.

Talking about Antonio Iuliano Malattia, the exact disease is not revealed yet. You will always be the blue number one in our eyes: fantastic Juliano Antonio!

Wikipedia And Eta Of Antonio Iuliano

On December 26, 1942, Antonio Juliano was born in the San Giovanni a Teduccio neighborhood on the eastern periphery of the metropolis of Naples.

Juliano, well known by his nickname “Totonno,” is an uncommon Neapolitan who embraces the hardworking Neapolitan character and is unacquainted with the folkloristic clichés of the mandolin and pizza.

Antonio is a serious, hardworking, and proud boy who has turned his love of football into a career that he has never concealed. He has a dedicated Wikipedia page.

Juliano playing football for both the Italian national team and Napoli
After Hamsik and Bruscolotti<a i=4> in terms of appearances, Antonio Juliano is one of Napoli’s most illustrious leaders.

Antonio Iuliano Malattia
Italian football player Antonio Juliano was a midfielder. (Source: Nanopress)

He has played in sixteen championships, two in Serie B, and 394 in Serie A with 26 goals. He holds the record for the most appearances in the European Cup with 39.

He gave Bruscolotti the record for the most appearances in the blue shirt overall—505 vs 511—when he made 72 appearances in the Italian Cup compared to the latter’s 96.

Juliano’s accomplishments include winning the European title in 1968 with the national team, two Italian Cups, an Alpine Cup, and an Italian-English League Cup.

Antonio Juliano Manager

After being contacted again by Ferlaino, Juliano returns to Napoli and is given the position of sporting director of the blue team.

And now for the brilliance of Juliano, who convinces the Dutchman in the blue jersey to travel to Canada and bring Krol to Napoli.

As a result of Totonno’s astute observations throughout the 1980–81 Serie A, Krol emerged as the top foreign football player.

Juliano managed his Napoli team to an outstanding third place that season under Marchesi’s coaching, ahead of Inter but behind Roma and Juventus.

The collaboration broke broken as a result of the renewal of Marchesi’s contract without Juliano’s knowledge, and the feeling with Ferlaino is nonexistent.

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