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Anush Apetyan Soldier Video: Live Leak And Rape Case Reddit

The leaked Anush Apetyan Soldier Video shook people after it went viral all over social media, including Reddit.

At Jermuk, the final location of intense bombardment, the diplomatic corps of Armenia met Army Chief of Staff Edward Asrian on Friday.

Asrien gave one of his examples, the horrific mutilation of an Armenian female soldier the Azerbaijani army had captured.

According to the Army chief of staff, he will provide diplomats with a video of the strike to the diplomats.

In our fighting posts, they committed crimes against our soldiers, including women, said Asrien.

I’m at a loss for words to explain how they amputated a female soldier’s legs, cut off her fingers, and stripped her bare. The level of harshness was new.

A video of the incident Asrian described went viral on social media on Friday.

Anush Apetyan Soldier Video: Live Leak On Reddit

A video of an Armenian soldier Anush Apetyan was leaked on different social media platforms, including Reddit. 

Mother-of-three Anush Apetyan, 36, was reportedly captured alive in Fermuk and subjected to rape, torture, and physical harm by Azerbaijani authorities.

The horrific leaked video shows her eyes were gouged out, and the severed finger, which was placed in her mouth.

This video brought back the suffering of Armenia in 1915 and other terrible images that Azerbaijani soldiers had placed online.

Anush Apetyan Soldier Video
Anush Apetyan’s brutal rape and murder video was leaked on Reddit. (Source: Buckingham Smokehouse)

The entire Armenian community in the Ottoman Empire was driven into the hostile desert on the orders of the ruling Young Turks.

The “deportation roads” were actually just death highways. Tragically, about 1.2 million people passed away there. There were countless replays of Anush Apetyan.

Asrian reminded the ambassadors that such atrocities are not authorized by any nation’s army, unit, or soldier.

He called it a serious breach of international humanitarian law and charged Azerbaijan with committing war crimes.

Additionally, Armenian poet Vahan Teryan was the first to use Reddit’s Viral to describe the trauma of his country.

He described begging without a voice and without any prospect of being heard. They are all present on the highway.

Young Armenian author Grigor Shashikyan, who had just realized this, proclaimed him. The skin of its era today bears the meaning of Vahan Teryan.

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Anush Apetyan Rape Case: What Happened To The Female Soldier?

Anush Apetyan was a female soldier from Armenia who was tortured, maimed, raped, and slain by Azerbaijani forces.

The incident occurred during the hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the city of Jermuk in September 2022.

When conflict between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces broke out in the middle of September due to Azerbaijani incursions into Armenia and along the border, several executions took place.

The battle was one of numerous violations of the 2020 peace, mediated by Russia and ceased hostilities over the unresolved Nagorno-Karabakh dispute.

Anush Apetyan Rape Case
Anush Apetyan was brutally raped and murdered in Azerbaijan in September 2022. (Source: YouTube)

On October 2, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Azerbaijan announced that the military prosecutor’s office had begun a “complete inquiry” into the execution video. This was to ascertain its authenticity and, if so, “to identify the personnel shown on it.

The probe will lead to the taking of legal action. The 40-second video was authenticated by Human Rights Watch using various methods, such as speaking with weapons and medical experts.

The video was authenticated by examining the language used and determining whether the video had been put online before mid-September using reverse image search engines.

The video first appeared online on Telegram, where it was published soon before midnight CET on October 1, which is now once again leaked on other social platforms.

It displays a group of eight unarmed men wearing Armenian military uniforms being rounded up by at least 15 troops, all of whom appear to be from Azerbaijan.

There are no recognizable insignia on the soldiers’ clothing, despite the camouflage pattern matching that of the Azerbaijani army.

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