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Suzaku Speaks! Ao Ashi Chapter 361 Leaks, Spoilers Summary

The football manga, Ao Ashi presents the thrilling story of the field along with spectacular character development, making readers eagerly wait for the release of chapter 361. Watch out for spoilers ahead!

Ao Ashi is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yugo Kobayashi and based on a concept by Naohio Ueno.

The series follows the journey of Ashito Aoi and the several challenges and experiences at Tokyo Esperion Academy.

Further, Aoi had a difficult personality but has developed into a talented individual with a sense of teamwork.

His coach believes that the teen has the power to change the scenario of Japanese football.

Moreover, the new release of the manga has captivated the readers as the coach revealed a refined strategy.

Now, they look for the spoilers for chapter 361 of Ao Ashi to know what happens next in the exciting match.

Chapter 360 Recap: A Fierce Match With Barca

Before looking at the spoilers for chapter 361 of Ao Ashi, let’s delve into its previous release.

The chapter begins with the coach detailing the team to complete a previously discussed plan on the field.

Further, the strategy involves a different line-up from which the players haven’t played before.

Ao playing in new chapter
The players plan to possess the ball during the game. (Source: Twitter)

He suggests that the team should integrate the plan during the week’s practice with the senior team.

Moreover, they are preparing for an unpredictable head-on battle with Barca with excellent team members.

The team plans to confront Barca’s possession head-on, despite the risk involved in the process.

Additionally, the tactics are a sure-fire way to crush a team devoted to possession football.

Moving along with their meeting, they decide on a person who will carry out a switch on the grounds.

The next day, the team faces off against Barca who have numerous tricks up their sleeves.

Player showing new tactics in Ao Ashi
The team aims to become one of the respected league members. (Source: Twitter)

However, the players notice some scheming from the Tokyo side as they begin their discussed agenda.

Right when the game’s pace is out of control, Barca attempts to move the ball around.

Now, Esperion moves into sync with the ultimate aim to destroy the possession of football from the ground up.

Such a shocking moment has piqued the interest of fans as they wait for chapter 361 of Ao Ashi.

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Suzaku Speaks! Ao Ashi Chapter 361 Leaks, Spoilers Summary

The leaks of Ao Ashi chapter 361 will feature the progress of the game as Esperion moves to score a goal.

Further, the new tactics might be fruitful for the team as each player is determined to get past Barca’s defense.

Previously, Suzaku spoke right before the synchronized move, giving it more value.

Suzaku in new Ao Ashi release
The game can take unexpected turns. (Source: Twitter)

Throughout the story, Suzaku is portrayed as an interesting character who understands another language.

Moreover, he is observant of the game and can understand what the Barca team is plotting.

The spoilers for the next chapter might feature Takasugi as he finds a way to score a winning goal.

Similarly, Aoi was brimming with determination to learn new things from the ongoing match with Barca.

In several future matches, teams might employ the plans used during the switch of defense and offense.

Coach talking about new tactics
Barca noticed the change in the team’s formation. (Source: Twitter)

Likewise, if Esperion defends Barca in chapter 361, it will help strengthen their bond in the leaks and spoilers.

Despite a slim chance of success, the players have perfected the execution of the plan, giving a hint at their potential.

Now, the official translation for chapter 361 is slotted for release on February 21, 2024, at midnight JST.

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