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Are Drew Starkey And Odessa Dating? Hellraiser Cast Relationship Timeline

Drew Starkey and Odessa are two actors who together featured in the 2022 film Hellraiser. Since they are often seen together, many believe they are in a relationship. So are Drew Starkey and Odessa Dating? Let’s find out. 

If you have watched the 2022 horror/mystery/thriller movie, Hellraiser, directed by David Bruckner, you must probably remember Drew Starkey and Odessa A’zion who are the lead actors of the film.

The two young individuals are great actors, and they have much more to offer in the entertainment industry.

While Drew is currently featured in the series, Outer Banks, Odessa seems to be working on her acting projects for this year.

Moreover, Drew and Odessa seem to have developed a tight-knit bond in the sets and in their personal life and look very close.

As a result, many people believe they are dating and want to know more about their relationship timeline. So, let’s find out if the two actors are currently seeing each other or not in the following article.

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Are Drew Starkey And Odessa Dating?

Drew and Odessa is both successful in their respective careers even at a young age. Also, their good looks don’t hurt us either.

In such case, it is natural for fans to speculate that they must be seeing somebody or dating someone since they are accomplished and good-looking.

However, actors often prefer to keep their personal relationships low-key, and the same is the situation with Starkey and A’zion.

The Hellraiser cast has successfully concealed their love life, so it is hard to trace who they are dating at the moment.

However, many people assume that Odessa and Drew are seeing each other recently because they share a beautiful bond and are often seen together.

Odessa also posted cute adorable pictures with Drew on his birthday in November 2022; however, they seem to be very good friends. 

Are Drew Starkey And Odessa Dating
Odessa posted adorable pictures with Drew Starkey on his birthday. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, it was more obvious for fans to believe that they were dating since the pictures Odessa posted of the two were adorable and looked very close.

However, none of the parties have confirmed or said anything about their relationship; they look more like friends than lovers.

In addition, no verified sources have confirmed their relationship. So, it seems that Odessa and Drew are not dating. 

Hellraiser Cast Relationship Timeline

As mentioned earlier, one project that both Starkey and A’zion have worked on is Hellraiser. 

The movie is an adaptation of Clive Barker’s 1987 horror classic, in which a young lady battling addiction acquires a mysterious puzzle box but is unaware that its function is to call forth the Cenobites.

Although the two have featured in the same movie, they are not dating each other, as mentioned earlier. 

Are Drew Starkey And Odessa Dating
Drew Starkey and Odessa have together featured in the 2022 film Hellraiser. (Source: IMDb)

So, very less is known about their relationship timeline and how they first met or became friends. Hopefully, we will learn more about the bond they share in the coming days.

Drew Starkey And Odessa A’zion Net Worth In 2023 Explored

Several sources claim that Drew Starkey’s estimated net worth is between $300,000 and $750,000, while the precise figure is unknown.

His on-screen roles and various brand collaborations will have increased his net worth. 

On the other hand, Odessa A’zion’s net worth is estimated at  $1 million dollars according to The Wiki Feed.

Additionally, the Grand Army actress must also be earning well from her brand endorsements and sponsorships.

Overall, we wish Drew and Odessa the best for their future acting pursuits. 

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