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Are Pablo And Pedro, John Lydon Grandchildren? Family Tree

John Lydon grandchildren: The singer is rumored to be the grandfather of two boys Pablo and Pedro. Let us reveal the facts about his family and grandchildren.

English singer John Joseph Lydon, popularly known as Johnny Rotten, is a key figure in the history of the punk music revolution. His unique path through the music business has been nothing short of amazing.

Lydon first made an impression in the music industry as the Sex Pistols’ lead singer, a renowned punk band that existed from 1975 to 1978.

However, after the Sex Pistols split up in 1978, Lydon started the experimental post-punk band Public Image Ltd (PiL), which was a new musical endeavor for him. 

Lydon pursued a variety of hobbies other than music. In addition, he dabbled in television hosting, took part in reality shows, and appeared in television commercials endorsing goods like British butter.

Furthermore, he continued to write solo music, including the album “Psycho’s Path” in 1997, and wrote two autobiographies. He issued the collection album “The Best of British £1 Notes” in 2005.

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Who Are John Lydon Grandchildren Pablo And Pedro?

Talking about John Lydon grandchildren, the singer does not have any grandchildren of his own because he never had any children of his own.

However, it is known that he had two grandchildren from his wife’s side and they came to live with them in 2000 after their mother abandoned them.

They are twin brothers named Pablo and Perdo. The boys are adorable.

John Lydon Grandchildren
John Lydon’s Grandchildren are his stepdaughter’s kids. (Source: The Times)

Moreover, John’s stepdaughter Ariana, who goes by the stage name Ari Up, died in October 2010 because of breast cancer. Following her death, the couple also adopted their youngest grandchild.

They loved their grandchildren very much and fulfilled their needs despite never having children.

Likewise, Pablo says he has never seen his birth father; hence, his grandfather is the only dad the brothers have ever known, and they love him so much.

Even though their grandfather is crazy sometimes, he is a good family person.

Also, Lydon says that they were not prepared to handle the birth of a child then, and it was his wife’s decision to have abortions.

However, with the presence of their grandchildren, they felt like a complete and happy family.

John Lydon Family Tree

John Joseph Lydon came into this world on January 31, 1956, in London. His mother was Eileen Mary, and his father was John Christopher Lydon, who died in 2008.

His parents were Irish working-class immigrants who settled in a two-room Victorian apartment on Benwell Road in the Holloway neighborhood of north London.

Despite traveling with an Irish passport, Lydon states that during his summer vacations in his mother’s native County, Cork, he still encounters prejudice because of his English accent.

Lydon had three younger brothers he had to look after due to his mother’s illness.

He married Nora Foster, a German-British actress and model 14 years older than him. In addition, John disclosed that Forster experienced Alzheimer’s in its middle stages in 2018.

Further, in June 2020, he declared that his wife required full-time care due to worsening her illness.

John Lydon Grandchildren
John Lydon’s wife, Nora Forster, had Alzheimer’s. (Source: Louder Sound)

Lydon explained that it grows worse and worse; some parts of the brain store less and less memory, and then suddenly, some entirely disappear.

His wife passed away in April 2023 due to difficulties brought on by Alzheimer’s disease. 

Furthermore, John Lydon’s wife’s passing left him and their grandchildren devastated, but they must move on with their own lives.

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