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Aric Hutchinson Family: Meet His Mother Annette Hutchinson And Father

Aric Hutchinson and his family have been devastated by the tragedy that struck on the day that was meant to be the most joyful for Aric and his late bride.

On 28 April 2023, a newly married couple was leaving their wedding reception in a golf cart when a speeding vehicle struck the cart from behind.

While the bride, Samantha “Sam” Hutchinson, died, the groom, Aric Hutchinson, sustained serious Injuries.

It has been over two weeks since the tragedy struck. Aric Hutchinson, 37, was in critical condition. Three others on board the cart also suffered severe injuries.

The incident grabbed massive attention from the general public. Today’s article concerns Aric Hutchinson’s family and parents. Keep reading to learn more about the groom’s latest condition.

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Aric Hutchinson Family: Meet His Mother Annette Hutchinson And Father

Aric Hutchinson is the groom who lost his bride in the wedding night crash.

While his mother’s name is Annette Hutchinson, his father’s is still confidential. Following the tragic incident, Aric’s mom organized a fundraiser and launched a GoFundMe page to cover the funeral expense of the late bride and the medical expenses of the groom.

Aric Hutchinson Family
According to Aric Hutchinson’s mother, he is recovering at home. (Image Source: Yahoo News)

On the page, Annette regularly updates about her son’s condition. While introducing herself, Aric’s mother wrote, “Hello, my name is Annette Hutchinson, and I am the groom’s mother.”

“Aric lost the love of his life on 28 April, when my new daughter-in-law Samantha “Sam” Hutchinson was cruelly killed by a drunk driver while leaving her wedding celebration in Folly Beach, South Carolina.”

She said Aric was in critical condition. According to the 9 May update, the family misses Sam more than anything. It has been reported that Aric is from South Carolina. Thus, his family and parents appear to reside in the same area.

Regarding Annette’s profession, there is no information.

Aric Hutchinson Condition Update

According to his mother, Annette, Aric Hutchinson is physically recovering at home and trying to come to terms with losing his love of life on the wedding night.

Annette added that her son is now doing the unimaginable of planning Sam’s funeral with her family.

Aric Hutchinson Family
Aric Hutchinson and his family miss Sam more than anything. (Image Source: People)

Mrs. Hutchinson believes the driver of the car was driving more than 100 km/h when she threw the golf cart about 100 meters, killing the bride only five hours after she exchanged her vows.

According to an update from his mother, Aric has had one of two reconstruction surgeries, numerous broken bones, and a brain injury. He will have a long recovery.

The Driver Has Been Charged

On the night of the tragedy, Jamie Komoroski, the car’s driver, reportedly had a blood alcohol level of 0.261, which was three times the legal limit.

According to an incident record, the 26-year-old informed police that something hit her all of a sudden and that “She did nothing wrong,” as reported by the New York Post.

Authorities also claimed that Komoroski nearly fell over when they requested her to take the sobriety test in an earlier document that was made public.

She was charged with one count of reckless murder and three counts of felony DUI causing grave bodily harm.

Furthermore, Samantha “Sam” Hutchinson, formerly Miller, reportedly returned to the wedding reception after forgetting her phone in her maid of honor Asley’s car.

In an interview, an emotional Ashley wished she didn’t have Sam’s phone because those few minutes could have skipped the crash.

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