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Arion Kurtaj Wikipedia And Age: GTA 6 Hacker Ethnicity And Origin

Explore the intriguing cyber-crime history of Arion Kurtaj Wikipedia, detailing his notorious exploits and legal proceedings.  

Arion Kurtaj, a hacker linked to the notorious Lapsus$ cyber-crime group, gained notoriety for his involvement in high-profile attacks. 

He got convicted of 12 offenses, including stealing code from Rockstar Games for Grand Theft Auto 6, which caused £7 million in damages. 

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Arion Kurtaj Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is GTA 6 Haker?

Arion Kurtaj is a main member of the infamous cybercrime gang Lapsus$.

He has gained notoriety for his involvement in high-profile hacking instances, especially those affecting the much-awaited Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6).

Few things are known about Kurtaj’s early years and background. He was born in Oxford, England.

According to the most recent information, his age is 18, indicating that he is a young person involved in significant cybercrime operations.

Kurtaj’s association with Lapsus$ came to light as the group executed a series of audacious cyber attacks on major corporations, including Rockstar Games, the developer behind the GTA series.

The group’s hacking spree began in August 2021, extending to infiltrating servers of prominent entities like BT and EE, a UK-based telecom company.

Arion Kurtaj Wikipedia
Arion Kurtaj, 18, infamous for Lapsus$ cybercrimes, hacked GTA 6 servers. (Image Source: Twitter)

The hackers stole user data and demanded a substantial $4 million ransom. These criminal activities led to their arrest in January 2022, although they were later released under investigation.

Notably, after their release, Kurtaj and his accomplice targeted NVIDIA servers in February 2022, attempting to extort the company.

The UK court disclosed that Kurtaj, despite being doxxed and confined to a hotel in Bicester, England, managed to access restricted servers of Rockstar Games.

He broke into the gaming studio’s official Slack channel and released ninety incomplete GTA 6 gameplay video using an Amazon Fire TV Stick, a smartphone, a keyboard, and a mouse.

Arion Kurtaj Ethnicity And Origin

There is currently no information in the public domain on the origins and ethnicity of Arion Kurtaj. His ethnic identification, cultural background, and family history have not been made public. He was born in Oxford, England.

The disclosure of personal information about people participating in judicial procedures is frequently restricted due to privacy concerns and legal issues, particularly in cybercrime situations.

The focus of Kurtaj’s actions, involvement with the Lapsus$ cyber-crime group, and the legal proceedings against him have overshadowed personal details regarding his ethnicity or specific cultural heritage.

Privacy protections become even more stringent in cases involving minors or individuals with certain vulnerabilities.

Where Is Arion Kurtaj Now? 

Arion Kurtaj is under an indefinite hospital order following his involvement in cyber-crime activities, including hacking Rockstar Games for Grand Theft Auto 6 content.

Diagnosed with autism, Kurtaj’s sentencing deemed him unfit for trial due to his acute autism, leading to the imposition of a hospital order.

This order involves his confinement in a secure psychiatric facility, emphasizing the perceived risk he poses to the public.

Arion Kurtaj Wikipedia
Arion Kurtaj is confined under an indefinite hospital order for cybersecurity. (Image Source: Facebook)

Hospital orders serve as a legal mechanism to address mental health concerns and assess the potential risks posed by individuals involved in criminal activities.

In Kurtaj’s case, the indefinite hospital order underscores the severity of his mental health condition and the perceived threat he poses to both himself and the public.

The primary goal is to provide psychiatric care and treatment tailored to his needs within a secure facility.

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