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Arizona Couple Missing: Who Are Yeon-Su Kim And Corey Allen? Body Found Offshore In Mexico

An Arizona couple, Yeon-Su Kim and Corey Allen has gone missing in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. Search efforts are ongoing from both Mexican and American parties.

The American couple and their teenage daughter had gone sea kayaking in Rocky Point on Thanksgiving. 

A search operation is extensively taking place to find the bodies of the two missing individuals.

Their two daughters survive Kim and Allen. More details will be out soon once the investigation is completed.

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The Missing Couple: Who Are Yeon-Su Kim And Corey Allen?

According to GoFundMe, which has raised over 80k USD, Allen and Kim have two teenage children. One goes to Northland Preparatory Academy in Flagstaff, and another goes to college in Portland.

The money raised through the fund will be used to reimburse expenses from volunteers and support the educational and other needs of the couple’s children, per Lisa Aumack, a family friend who set up the fundraiser.

Fox News reports that Kim was a Ph.D. holder in forestry from Oregon State University and a professor of ecological economics at Northern Arizona University, where she was the Executive director. Allen is a real estate agent.

Arizona Couple Missing
Arizona couple: Yeon-Su Kim And Corey Allen. (Source: New York Post)

Rocky Point, a four-hour drive from Phoenix, is a popular vacation spot for Arizonans.

“Corey & Yeon-Su are valuable members of the Flagstaff community,” close friend Shelly Thomas said. She added they were excellent friends and fantastic parents to two exceptional kids.

Thomas also expressed hope for the couple to be alive and brought back to their kids, who love and depend on them.

Arizona Couple Missing: Body Found Offshore In Mexico

USA Today reports a body was found for the missing Arizona couple during search operations. They had disappeared after they went sea kayaking in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, also called Rocky Point, on Thanksgiving.

After a vigorous search operation using land, air, and sea resources, a body that matched the characteristics of Yeon-Su Kim was found near the Mayan Palace hotel on Sunday noon.

“After days of search & rescue efforts, the tragic passing of Yeon-Su is confirmed. The search for Corey continues,” Cruz Rivera, Northern Arizona University President, said in a tweet on Monday.

They had looked around Playa Encanto, including La Pinta, Las Conchas, and the hotel complex known as the Mayan Palace.

The search had also included assistance from American volunteers, who had “hope & firm plans of obtaining favorable results as soon as possible.”

Arizona Couple search operation
Search operations are going on to find Allen. (Source: USA Today)

On Saturday, the Puerto Peñasco government stated that the pair had gone kayaking on Playa Encanto, a local beach around 11 miles from the hotel.

Although authorities have not revealed their names, a GoFundMe identifies them as Corey Allen and Yeon-Su Kim. Allen’s sister helped determine that the found body was of Kim.

Puerto Peñasco Mayor Jorge Pivac Carrillo asked local authorities to continue the search until they found Allen. He stated that the city appreciated the support of the volunteers and everyone who had come forward to help the search efforts.

Allen & Kim went kayaking with their daughter, Lux, around 1 pm on Thursday (November 24). Allen took their daughter back to the shore when strong winds and currents appeared.

He then returned to help Kim, and the couple and their kayaks had not been seen since. Alan Ontiveros, director of municipal civil protection, claimed that the couple’s minor daughter was left in the care of relatives who had come to the city.

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