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Arnold Schwarzenegger Net Worth: Career & Cars

The Austrian Oak, the Terminator, the Governator, and the man practically synonymous with the word “Action,” aka Arnold Schwarzenegger, has a net worth of $400 Million as of May, 2024.

To those from the ’90s, this man needs no introduction.

Still, Arnold is a world-class bodybuilder who dominated the acting industry and became the governor of California, even though originally he’s from Austria!

And, just to put matters into context, his movies alone have grossed a total of $2 Billion in the Box office, with tons of individual movies crossing $100 Million.

In Frame: Arnold Schwarzenegger

On top of that, he’s a republican, partly vegan, an environmentalist, and a giver.

So, let’s say that he is the complete package.

Quick Facts

Here are some specific details that highlight the legendary actor,

Full Name Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger
Net Worth $400 Million
Birth Date July 30, 1947
Birth Place Thal, Austria
Nick Name The Austrian Oak, The Terminator, John Matrix, Mr. Freeze, The Governator, Arnie
Religion NA
Nationality                          Austrian, American
Ethnicity Austrian
Languages Spoken English
Education University of Wisconsin – Superior, Santa Monica College
Father’s Name Gustav Schwarzenegger
Mother’s Name Aurelia Jadryn Schwarzenegeer
Siblings 1 Brother (Meinhard Schwarzenegger)
Children 5
Age 76 Years Old
Height 6 Feet 2 In
Weight 107 kg (235 lb) – Contest

118 kg (260 lb) – Off-season

Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Divorced, previously married to Maria Shriver
Spouse’s Name NA
Profession Actor, Politician, Bodybuilder, Businessman, Author
Political Party Republican
Active Since 1960
Endorsements Budweiser, 7Up, Pepsi, Nissin, West Coffee, Alinamin, Musclepharm, Planet Hollywood, Dimensional Fund Advisors, Oak Productions
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Last Update May, 2024

Arnold Schwarzenegger Net Worth and Income

The Austrian Terminator, and once a governor of California, has an accumulated net worth of $400 Million.

Collected mostly through his acting career, the actor has earned enough money to the point where he can even say “Hasta La Vista” to his career.

And it still wouldn’t make a difference.

It may come as a shock, but Arnold first became a millionaire in 1968, and that too wasn’t from his endeavors as a bodybuilder or an actor.

It was actually through his clever investments in Real Estate.

His acting career really took off when he starred in Terminator.

Though his salary from this movie was a mere sum of $75,000, each movie that came afterward brought him millions of dollars.

The most he earned from a movie was from Twins,” where he received 40% of the total earning of the movie.

The movie grossed $215 Million worldwide.

Arnold bagged a lot from the following Terminator franchises.

For the 2nd movie, with only 700 words spoken, he took home $15 million! The 3rd installment got him more than $30 million.

After that, he got into politics, and as a governor, his salary was $175,000 per year, which he gave it all to charity, though.

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Net Worth of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Different Currencies

Let’s have a look at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s net worth in different currencies.

Currency Net Worth
Euro €  339.80 Million
Pound Sterling £ 293.946 Million
Australian Dollar A$ 547.697 Million
Canadian Dollar C$ 508.398 Million
Indian Rupee ₹ 29,840,100,000
BitCoin ฿ 13395.88

Arnold Schwarzenegger: House & Cars


Today, the veteran actor resides in a magnificent mansion stationed in LA that faces the canyons and the pacific ocean alongside his family and beloved pets.

The Mediterranean-styled house sits on more than 2.5 acres of the finest ground in LA and boasts 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, chef’s kitchen, a private gym, tennis court, large pool with spa, and a lot more!

The man purchased the 14,500 square foot house back in 2002 for a hefty price of 5.1 million.

Aerial View Of Arnold Schwarzengger’s House in Brentwood

Before this mansion, he had 2 other homes that where he spent a fraction of his life.

In 1968, he purchased the 10,000 square foot  Mediterranean villa in Palisades, LA.

Equipped with 9 bedrooms, 9 and a half bathrooms, spacious kitchen with breakfast bar, a duck pond, landscaped gardens, and more, this place wasn’t any short of royalty either.

However, in 2003 he and his wife moved out, and 8 years later, it was seen on the market for sale.

After a while, in 2013, Arnold finally sold it for a stupendous price of $12.9 Million! 

Arnold moved to the states at the age of 21 years.

Since then, he’s made several investments particularly, in real estate, that have now racked a complete worth of almost $300 million! 

He started with $27,000 in 1968 when he first arrived.

He bought his first 6-unit apartment in California for $214,000. A year after, he sold the property for $360,000.

Afterward, he moved on to trading 12, 36, and then 100 unit buildings.

Doing so gained him enormous profits, and by the time he was 25, he was already a millionaire in the real-estate business!


If you haven’t guessed it yet, the terminator is a huge admirer of cars, in particular hummers.

Over the years, he’s owned a LOT of cars, and what’s more, is that he even has a freaking tank!

Schwarzenegger purchased the M47 Patton tank for a sum of $20,000 in 1991/2.

He basically used this entertainment purpose, usually crushing cars and, other times, used it for charity.

Arnold Schwarzenegger with his M47 Tank

He was the first civilian in the US to purchase a Humvee and has was absolutely in love with this vehicle.

So much so that the Humvee’s manufacturer had to launch two civilian variants of the vehicle in 1992.

Besides that, he had a Bugatti Veyron, which was just a plaything for Arnold, and he sold it after only 1,000 miles of riding it for $2.5 million. 

Other than that, Arnold surely admires Bentley a lot. The Bentley Continental GT worth around $320,000, Bentley Continental GTC, and Bentley Arnage have all been in Arnold’s garage at some point in time.

Also, Mercedes is another brand that often comes up when mentioning Arnold’s collection. Mercedes Benz Unimog and Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster are among his prized collectibles.

Furthermore, the list features powerhouses like the Dodge Challenger SRT8, Custom Audi R8, Porsche Turbo, Custom Keisel  Electric G500, Excalibur, Caddilac Eldorado, and Tesla Roadster.

In addition, he even has a Harley Davidson Fat Boy, which is a pretty sweet ride, and it really suits him well too.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Lifestyle & Vacation


It shouldn’t be hard to believe when I say that Arnold’s lifestyle is a lot like a movie script.

A while back, he was sent to the hospital, and even though he recovered, this visit is slowly getting more frequent day by day.

He’s been a bodybuilder, a man who continuously works to better his physique, can’t just stop his daily routine of what 50 years in an instant.

Working out, following a strict diet, using steroids in his early career, and affection for cigars have taken a toll on him.

And well, he still keeps this regimen going despite having an attack a couple of times already.

Despite all that, he is still going pretty strong.

He still works out a lot, follows a definite plan, and whenever free, he uses social media to share his thoughts and ideas too.


Being a model, actor, and above all, a governor, vacationing is something that’s always been a part of Arnold’s busy schedule.

From Hawaii to Paris, to Japan, this man has probably been to most of the exciting countries scattered throughout the world.

All mostly through his line of work, but well, you gotta enjoy the perks too.

Often, he can be seen vacationing in Hawaii.

One time, when he was on vacation with his family, back in 2004, he even saved a swimmer in distress.

If he’s not with his family, he can be seen in different places with his current girlfriend, Heather Milligan, with whom he’s been to Tuscany, the Alps, Pisa, and many other places.

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Being the governor, Arnold has in his tenure has invested a lot of his time helping out people, especially children.

Firstly, he does not accept his governor’s salary of $175,000/year; instead, it entirely goes to charity.

In 1995, he established the Inner City Games Foundation (ICG).

The foundation provides after-school and weekend cultural, educational, and community enrichment programs for youth throughout the year.

After-School All-Stars (ASAS), a project from the foundation, received a huge donation of $3 Million from TikTok in aid for those who the COVID had adversely impacted.

It’s not just other people contributing to the project; he himself has been a ray of hope who has constantly tried to empower people in these tiring times.

He closed his sports expo, urged people to stay home and practice social distancing, and even shared his equipment-free fitness plans to keep people inside their homes.

During this phase, he donated $1 Million to the Frontliner Responders Fund, a funding page that provides health workers with gloves, masks, and other gear.

AIDS & HIV, Alzheimer’s Disease, Children, Diabetes, Disaster Relief, Education, Environment, Family/Parent Support, Health, Poverty, Slavery, Human Trafficking are causes that he’s actively supported.

List of Organizations Arnold Schwarzenegger has Supported.

It’s not just that, though.

Throughout the years, he’s supported numerous causes to help out the people in need.

For more than 3 decades, he has been involved in tons of organizations, most of which are listed below:

After-School All-Stars Jeans for Genes
Alliance to Stop Slavery and End Trafficking Keep Memory Alive
Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center
Celebrity Fight Night Foundation Music For Relief
Children Affected by AIDS Foundation Special Olympics
Children’s Medical Research Institute Stop Global Warming
Clinton Global Initiative US Doctors for Africa
Focus the Nation Watering Seeds Organization
Habitat For Humanity Years of Living Dangerously

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Career, Endorsements, and Books


Arnold’s career isn’t something that can just be summed up in a couple of words.

Throughout his work-life, he has managed to accomplish a wide range of goals and titles, so to summarize, here’s a compilation of his lifelong career.


Arnold started his career in bodybuilding.

He stumbled across a body-building magazine and got mesmerized at the age of 14.

Before you know it, he won his first championship at just 18 years old!

In the following years, he went on to win 5 Mr. Universe competitions and 7 Mr. Olympia competitions.


After bodybuilding, Arnold got into acting back in 1970.

Even though there were numerous hurdles along the way that depicted he’d never find success, he still plowed through and made it huge.

He was initially cast in the feature film Hercules in New York.”

This was the beginning, but he actually came into the limelight in 1977 to release a bodybuilding documentary titled Pumping Iron.”

His fame only grew from this point on, as he starred in movies likeConan the Barbarian and skyrocketed as  “Terminator” came into theatres.

He earned $75,000 for his first role in Terminator, while the movie itself grossed over $80 Million.

Following this, he got into The Running Man,” “The Predator,” and then in the comedy movieTwins alongside Danny DeVito.

Apparently, Arnold earned the most out of the movie Twins,” where he received 40% of the movie’s total collection.

The movie amassed a huge sum of more than $215 Million worldwide at the box office alone!

After this, he starred in numerous movies, and from each one, he bagged a million at the minimum.

Here’s a list of all those movies

Movies Earnings
Commando $2 Million
Predator $3.5 Million
Total Recall $11 Million
Kindergarten Cop / Terminator 2 $12 Million Each
True Lies, Junior, Last Action Hero $15 Million
Eraser, Jingle All the Way $20 Million
Batman & Robin, The 6th Day, Collateral Damage $25 Million
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines $29.25 Million + 20% Royalty


After acting, Arnold tried his luck with politics, and well, he seems to have a stroke of damn good luck since he made it all the way in.

Arnold has been a republican for a very long time now.

And when climbing this ladder in politics, he sort of saw an opening to the governor’s position and eventually took it.

Initially, he shook the world by suddenly announcing that he was running for the governor’s position on “The Tonight Show.”

Following that, he won the election and then served as the Governor of California from the year 2003 to 2011.

Later down the line, he revealed that during his tenure as the Governor, he’d lost roughly $200 Million by giving up his acting career.


In terms of endorsements, Arnold has partnered up with Oak Productions, Dimensional Fund Advisors, and Planet Hollywood.

Besides that, throughout his acting and bodybuilding career, he has teamed up with numerous brands for publicity and advertisement deals.


It may appear as a shock, but yes, Arnold is an author too.

Since he was mostly a bodybuilder, a lot of his books are based on the concepts of bodybuilding and his journey as a bodybuilder.

Besides that, he’s written an autobiography titled “Total Recall” that gazes into his pretty unique life.

4 Facts About Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Apparently, Arnold was a soccer player before he really got into bodybuilding.
  • He even served in the Austrian Army.
  • If you haven’t counted yet, Arnold has played the Terminator a total of 6 times to date.
  • Once, he even auditioned for the role of Incredible Hulk, but sadly, he lost to Bill Bixby.


Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Vegan?

Not Entirely. However, he receives most of his nutrition through a plant-based diet and rarely through the meat.

He has completely cut off beef and cow’s milk, though.

Does Arnold Schwarzenegger have any Tattoos?

No, Arnold’s body does not have any engravings, piercings, or art of any form.

He can be seen with temporary tattoos in a couple of movies, though.

Does Arnold Schwarzenegger have Alcohol?

Once, back in his golden days, Arnold would usually knock back a pitcher of beer right after a heavy workout.

Even though it’s really minimal, he still prefers to sit back and chill with a couple of beers.

However, he absolutely adores Cuban cigars.



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