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Arun Nayar Wikipedia, Net Worth: Ex Wife Elizabeth Hurley

After the unreasonable behavior of Arun Nayar, businesswoman, actor, and model Elizabeth Hurley decided to divorce him, and many people wanted more information about him, so they started searching for his Wikipedia page.

Arun Nayar is a businessman, who is also the next in line to one of the massive textile firms in India.

He is also known as the Ex-husband of businesswoman, actor, and model Elizabeth Hurley.

However, he is also the founder and CEO of the technology company Direction Software Solutions.

After marrying actress Liz Hurley, Italian model Valentina Pedroni, and model/personal trainer Kim Johnson, he remains in the public eye.

Meanwhile, Arun Nayar became the talk of the town after divorcing Elizabeth Hurley and marrying Kim Johnson for the third time leading curious fans to search for his Wikipedia page.

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Arun Nayar Wikipedia: A Quick Look Into His Life

Despite being a successful businessman and entrepreneur, Arun Nayar lacks a dedicated Wikipedia page.

Arun Nayar, 54, was born in December 1964 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England UK.

Arun Nayar is the son of Gunnar, his German-born mother, and Vinod Nayar his Indian father. 

Eventually, after the birth of his younger brother Nikhil Nayar, the family moved back to India and started their textile firms.

Unfortunately, after their parents divorced, Arun and Nikhil Nayar stayed with their mother.

Photo of Arun Nayar.
Arun joined his family’s textile business in Mumbai after completing his education. (Source: Twitter)

Moving forward, after turning 16, he returned to England to attend Millfield School. Later, he joined Oxford University, pursuing a BSc in Physics.

However, he obtained his MA degree in Physics at Imperial College, London UK.

Meanwhile, after completing his studies, Arun Nayar joined his family’s textile business, contributing to its growth and earning respect and reputation in the industry.

In addition to his family business involvement, he founded Direction Software Solutions, a successful software service and IT company.

Nevertheless, his effort and hard work have been crucial in expanding his family business footprint and establishing his marks in the technology sector.

In the meantime, Arun Nayar Net worth is estimated to be around $200 million.

After becoming a successful entrepreneur, many people are eager to learn more about his achievements, leading them to search for the Wikipedia page of Arun Nayar.

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Arun Nayar’s Love Life: His Ex-Wife Elizabeth Hurley

Moving toward his love life, Arun Nayar met an Italian Model Valentina Pedoroni in 1991 whom he later married in 1997.

Furthermore, they began increasingly separate lives with Valentina spending time abroad and Arun devoting himself to his business.

Unfortunately, their relationship ended soon after Arun Nayar fell in love with Elizabeth Hurley.

Arun with Kim
Rumors suggest Arun’s past with Elizabeth Hurley affected his marriage to Kim. (Source: Twitter)

Eventually, after a difficult divorce in 2005, Arun and Elizabeth held lavish wedding ceremonies in England and India in 2007.

Despite their high-profile marriage, the couple separated just after 3 years due to Arun’s unreasonable behavior.

Meanwhile, Arun Nayar moved on with his life, marrying for the third time with Kim Johnson in 2016.

Sadly, for Arun, this marriage would not last, with the couple divorcing less than a year later.

Due to the many high-profile divorce cases, many were interested in Arun Nayar, leading them to search for his Wikipedia.

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