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Ashley Dale Murder: Niall Barry And Sean Zeisz Arrested For Shot And Killed- Case Update

Ashley Dale murder case update. New faces came in front linked with Dale’s killing. Niall Barry And Sean Zeisz were arrested for the fatal shooting of Dale.

Ashley Dale, who would have celebrated her 29th birthday, is no more with us. She was the victim of a fatal shootout. 

The late victim was left wounded in her garden in Old Swan, Liverpool. It happened on August 21 last year.

Soon after the case went viral, officers took two men under custody; they were arrested under the suspension of Dale’s murder. To be specific, the suspected individuals were carrying a firearm with intent, as noted by BBC

Following that, another person was arrested under suspicion of assisting an offender. Moreover, a total of 15 suspected individuals were taken under custody for questioning regarding Dale’s death. 

They weren’t charged with murder and were only arrested for investigation. However, two more faces were recently taken under custody for Dale’s killing. 

Ashley Dale Murder: Niall Barry And Sean Zeisz Arrested – Case Update

If you are following Ashley Dale’s death case, let us tell you two new individuals have been caught and are under trial for the killing.

Niall Barry and Sean Zeisz are the names that came in front during Dale’s murder investigation.

Ashley Dale killing; two suspect caught.
Two more suspects were caught linked with Ashley Dale’s killing. (Source: Sky News)

Talking about Barry, the assailant is a 27 years old man from Moscow Drive. Similarly, Zeisz is a 28 years old man from Longreach Road, Huyton.  

After months of investigation, they were finally caught and will be placed in front of the Judge today, Tuesday, February 14. Moreover, their case will run at Liverpool Magistrates Court.

Talking more about the case, detectives involved in Dale’s murder case have developed some new information. As per them, Dale wasn’t the actual target of the shooter.  

Yes, it seems the murderer has no initial motive to kill the victim. They just encountered her at the wrong time.  

If Dale wasn’t the target, then who or what was? As per the investigator, the location was the target. Simply put, the assailants were on their way to do something foul near Dale’s location.  

Moreover, as per Merseyside Police, detectives assume the “address was targeted.”

Who Are The Other Suspects On Ashley Dale Killing

As mentioned earlier, there was a total of 15 people who were caught as soon as the Ashley Dale death case took place. So, who are they?

Though the names and identities of all of them haven’t been made public, some of them are brought in front.

According to Liverpool Echo, the two men who were the first one to fall on the radar was James Witham and Joseph Peers.

James is a 41 years old man who resides in Ashbury Road, Huyton. Likewise, Joseph is in his late twenties. The 29 years old lives near Woodlands Road, Roby.

In addition, another suspect name was shared by the officer. He goes by the name Kallum Radford. No further details were revealed on the 26 years old; however, he was under custody as he is suspected of assisting an offender. 

Ashley Dale Funeral: The Late Environmental Health Officer

Ashley Dale, 28, was an environmental health officer. She was n innocent soul who did no wrong to anyone; however, she lost her life in a tragedy.  

Ashley Dale funeral.
Her family gave Ashley Dale a proper funeral. (Source: BBC)

Sometime after Dale’s killing, she was given n a proper funeral. As per the source, people gathered at the city’s Anglican cathedral to remember the lost soul.   

Dale’s funeral took place at 12:00 BST. Her dead body was kept inside a white coffin topped with floral tributes. 

The council worker’s family requested donations in her memory. They wanted to give the amount collected to the children who have lost their loved ones in mishaps. 

Ashley Dale And Her Younger Brother Shared The Same Fate

Our heartfelt condolences go to Ashley Dale’s family, who lost two of their kids in a violent shooting. 

The late Ashley Dale and her brother both lost their life in a violent encounter.
The late Ashley Dale and her brother lost their lives in a violent encounter. (Source: ITV)

Metro said the late environmental health officer had a brother named Lewis Dunne. The site notes he was just 16 years old and was shut down by drug dealers. 

The tragic event happened back in November 2015. Lewis was in a critical state and took his last breath in the hospital. 


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